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The Snowmen, or How the Doctor Got His Groove Back

My son Hunter and I had been anticipating the Christmas special since Angels in Manhattan. He was very upset about the Ponds dying, inconsolable for days.

(Spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet!)

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Have (A Town Called) Mercy for (The Power of) Three

(art by Adam Koford for shirt.woot!)

Here we are, finally back with a brief review of "A Town Called Mercy" and "The Power of Three." Frankly, we weren't all that enthused about either episode, so this is mostly just about how time travel is confusing, brain hurty type stuff. We're pretty psyched for Saturday's fall finale, "Angels Take Manhattan," so we're saving our energy for that one. (I bet you didn't know it took a lot of energy to talk about Doctor Who. Well, it doesn't. We just don't have much to begin with.)

I would, however, like to add a personal note about "A Town Called Mercy": I am shocked by the lack of art in the fan community devoted to Susan.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

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Walking with Dinosaurs (on a Spaceship)

(From Odd the Sun God's Tumblr)

We're back with our second Doctor Who review of the much anticipated "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." It's an episode jam packed with all sorts of nerdy goodness, and that's on top of the titular dinosaurs populating the aforementioned spaceship. It was also the episode that gave us two excellent pieces of advice: 1. Whenever you enter someplace new, press buttons; and 2. carry a trowel.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

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Getting Committed to the Asylum (of the Daleks)

(From Lissy-Strata's DeviantArt Page)

I'm relatively new to Doctor Who, while Francene is a longtime fan, but we were both really excited for "Asylum of the Daleks," the start of the new season, on Saturday night. We thought we would have a little virtual viewing party, and then share our reactions with our readers. Of course, we wound up being slightly more absorbed in watching the show than commenting on it. It was a pretty major episode, with a lot of changes and revelations though.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

It probably wouldn't make any sense to you if you haven't seen it anyway.

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A Belated X-Files Valentine


When I was in my teens and early 20s, I lived for The X-Files. I had the hots for both Mulder and Scully. And also Krycek, occasionally Skinner, and the cute bearded Lone Gunman. Shoot, I wanted to have Chris Carter's babies. I watched Millenium when that came on, even though it was only peripherally related to The X-Files. I even watched The Lone Gunmen, and it made me weep, but I watched it. I saw the movie on opening night - twice. And in my mind, there is only one movie - I like to think I only imagained the second one in a horrible nightmare.

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Marvel Anime, It's Not You. It's Me.


The first two Marvel anime shows, Iron Man and Wolverine, premiered on G4 on Friday, July 29th. I think my disappointment with them began when I went to set my DVR to record them and I realized that neither of them were the X-Men anime that I had thought would be premiering that night. Iron Man and Wolverine are OK, but I've been looking forward to the X-Men one since I saw the character art for Cyclops. What I ended up seeing instead was two shows that I didn't really have any prior interest in, and didn't really know what to make of them. I've watched two episodes of each now, and I'm left thinking that maybe I just don't get it.

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Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats! HO!


The first two episodes of the ThunderCats reboot aired just over a week ago on Cartoon Network, and you know what? It was really good. Then the third episode aired this past Friday, and it was also really good. I wasn't expecting it to be bad or anything, but I was still really surprised by just how immediately engaging it was. Normally cartoons, and even live action shows intended for adults, take a little time to get going and build up a mythology. Thundercats managed to lay all that out in a pretty exciting way, and do it in a way that made it a much better show than the original. Third episode showed that it could still be entertaining while having a more standalone episode. It was so good I didn't even hate Snarf, probably because this Snarf doesn't talk. See what I mean about being better than the original?

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Falling Skies: Why Am I Watching This?

Oh, right.

When I saw the promos for Falling Skies, like a lot of you, I thought: "FINALLY! Those librarian action hero tv movies I didn't bother to watch were NOT ENOUGH! MOAR NOAH WYLE!"

I'd heard the show was overly clichéd, but I didn't let that deter me, as I am the one who not only watched Smallville, but wrote a comic strip about watching Smallville. I can put up with terrible as long as it's entertaining for a while. Unfortunately, as you will learn through the following review which will include numerous references to Jericho, and why Jericho was superior, and why the hell couldn't we just cast Noah Wyle on Jericho for chrissakes, TNT could've just picked up Jericho, Jericho Jericho, where was I? Oh yeah, so being overly clichéd doesn't necessarily make for entertainingly bad television.

(Warning, I get spoilery when I get ranty. If you haven't seen the show yet -- all of which is available on TNT's website -- maybe skip this review.)

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Torchwood: Miracle Day from the Uninitiated's Perspective


Torchwood: Miracle Day premiered this past Friday on Starz, and since it was on a new channel in a different country, I thought it would most likely be new viewer friendly and the perfect time to start watching. Considering I have so many friends who regularly sing the series' praises, my expectations were pretty high. I hoped to fall in love with a whole new television series. Instead, I fell asleep about halfway through it. After that my enthusiasm was way down, but I decided to give it another shot on Sunday. After the jump I will let you in on what I thought of the episode as a whole, which turned out to be slightly less sleep inducing in the second half. If you want to avoid any spoilers at all, you might want to stop reading now. I try not to give away more than I have to though.

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Camelot vs. Merlin: TV Grudge Match


The first season of Camelot ended last Friday, which means it's an excellent time to see how it measures up to TV's other King Arthur show, Merlin. This comparison will, of course, be completely fair, as I am completely unbiased. We will ignore the fact that Merlin has had more than three times as many episodes to find its footing. We will also ignore the fact that I really didn't like the first season of Merlin at all. You know what? I'll stop pretending this will be fair. This is not Fox News. Be warned though, there are some spoilers for both series after the cut.

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Doctor Who? And Other Questions

(Click to embiggen.)

On June 4th, the BBC aired the seventh episode of Doctor Who series six, "A Good Man Goes to War." It was part one of a two parter, the last episode before the show goes on a mid-season hiatus. The second half of the two parter (and series six) is set to air in September. (And that episode is entitled "Let's Kill Hitler," so it's bound to be full of laughs.)

After the jump, Francene has some thoughts on the "A Good Man Goes to War." Obviously it is spoilery if you haven't seen the episode.

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Dirk Gently: Television Detective


I will probably be hexed by any Hitch-hiker's fans reading this, but when I think Douglas Adams, I think Dirk Gently. I really do. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, and even the unfinished Salmon of Doubt are some of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy always got sort of depressing for me after The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, but it seemed like, when Adams was writing Dirk stories, he was having the most fun.

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Let us go to Camelot. It is a sexy place.

(Click to Embiggen)

In the behind the scenes promo Starz has been showing for its new series Camelot, Joseph Fiennes says, "I think people should watch this show because it's not a musical." If you have followed me at all here on the blog or through the podcast, you know that I don't consider not being a musical to ever be a good thing. But I watched the sneak peak of the premiere that aired on February 25th anyway.

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Vicariously Liveblogging Smallville Via Facebook

(Photo via Kryptonsite)

Laura: So, I turned on Smallville late, because while I couldn't bring myself to watch a full episode without Chloe or Oliver, I did commit to watching this final season, and I'm going to do it. Anyway, Conner Kent is on Red K and choking Lois and she's telling him that Clark on Red K never did anything like that. CLARK WOULD CHOKE PEOPLE NOT ON RED K!!!! I'm sorry, I just had to vent frustration about what an asshole Clark is. Feel free to ignore.

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Young Justice: Superboy


I love Superboy! Let me clarify. I love the Superboy on the Young Justice cartoon. I've always been indifferent towards the Superboy in the comics. He was introduced during "Reign of the Supermen," which was when I opted out of Superman comics in the '90s. (As a huge Spider-Man fan, I'd just had enough of clones and event comic storylines that never came to an end.) On top of that, he was crazy stupid looking, like a Backstreet Boy. Eventually he got an updated character design, but that only proved to be more irritating to me. Jeans and a t-shirt are not a superhero costume. I did thoroughly enjoy the run of Adventure Comics by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul, from a year or so ago, that featured him. That was mostly due to Manapul's gorgeous art and Krypto, who really should have his own comic.

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SyFy Is Not Kidding


SyFy announced last Thursday that they're canceling Stargate Universe to focus more on the projects they're already producing. I didn't quite understand their press release, actually, but it unleashed a flurry of angry tweets. People are angry that SyFy is less Sci-Fi and more "Smackdown." People are annoyed that SyFy produces more reality shows about ghostbusters than scripted programming. People are just annoyed that their show has been canceled, and that Caprica was canceled, and, to be honest, I think people are still pissed at the re-branding to "SyFy."

By far the most amusing tweet was from the Death Star's PR department:

Yes, TV "isn't real", Stargate Universe "got cancelled" & we "definitely didn't" kill the Destiny's crew. UNRELATED: We have a Stargate now!

After the link there's some more info about Syfy's upcoming shows still in the creative stages.

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Villains: Season Three Heroes Premiere


So, this week, as with last week: no podcast. (We're running in to some major scheduling errors and it's starting to suck.) To take the place of our regular phone discussions, I'm posting a chat transcript. I know you guys just love those. In it, Laura and I discuss some of the new shows we're watching, and the season premiere of Heroes. Enjoy.

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His Algorithms Are The Complexiest

A five year old Brenda bonds with the original K.I.T.T.

And now, another "Email Exchange" special from Brenda and Laura, this time covering the highlights of the highlights from NBC's Knight Rider tv movie.

These are always more interesting than real reviews, right?

Laura: So, is it wrong that I would actually watch this show if it went to series?

Brenda: I actually had a cigarette after the opening credits. They could've just played that over and over for two hours.

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Tin Man: Slightly Better Than A Root Canal


Let's start by saying this: Is this the worst thing I've ever seen in my life? No. It is not. Because I've seen Meet Joe Black, and that was a far worse waste of my time than any one of the three Star Wars prequels. (Any time Brad Pitt getting hit by a car is the highlight of your movie, AND it happens within the first twenty minutes of the film, you should know you're in trouble.)

I'm here to warn you about Tin Man. It comes out on DVD on March 11th, and if there's one thing I can impart to you in this review, it's that you should not pay money to rent it or buy it. If you missed the original airing and the re-broadcast on the Sci Fi channel, you lucked out. That's six hours of your time that you probably spent doing any manner of things more important than watching possibly the worst miniseries in television history. At one point in this thing, I actually thought that Richard Dreyfuss probably saw what was happening around him and DEMANDED that his character be killed in the second act. (SPOILER!)

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Tin Man: Part One

I've been trying in vain for weeks to figure out how best to impart to you, devoted readers, just how much of a travesty Tin Man is, and why you should avoid it all costs. But I realized only lately that mere words alone cannot convey to you how I feel. I've decided that frame grabs, or screen captures, are the best medium to relay this story, this story of time and money badly spent -- and it's not just because I only now figured out how to use the "Print Screen" button. Honest.

The story opens with D.G. -- no last name given -- a motorcycle riding, college dropout who's waitressing at a local greasy spoon. Begin gratuitous wink-wink-nudge-nudge references to The Wizard of Oz:

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