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Happy 45th Birthday, Star Trek!!

2651966909_358eed5c46_z.jpg (Sadly, you can't get pretty Star Trek wedding cakes from the Hilton in Las Vegas anymore because they stupidly got rid of that exhibit. This cake is from Anna White's Flickr.)

My step mom owns every single piece of Star Trek memorabilia that has ever been marketed and it doesn't even matter which show it came from. She's seen every episode of every show, read every book, seen every movie hundreds of times, and has every limited edition whatever that has ever come out.

She loves it all, but her favorite is arguably original Trek. I swear the woman would leave my dad on Christmas morning for Captain Kirk without thinking twice. She tried to get me interested in original Trek when I was younger, but I wouldn't have any of it. I was a hateful teenager and didn't have time for that hippie bullshit. My interest extended as far as the occasional episode of Next Gen on a good day and that was only if the episode heavily featured Data, who I had an inexplicable crush on.

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