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Star Trek: The Original Series Episode 15 – The Galileo Seven
Spock's first command goes very, very badly indeed.

Star Trek Is Back In Comics


Star Trek comics are nothing new. Since almost the beginning of the original series, many different companies have produced Star Trek comics -- including DC and Marvel -- with the very first comics being written by creators like Len Wein. There have been comic strips, and an animated series. In fact, the only Star Trek variation that hasn't had a comic book spinoff is Enterprise. Poor Enterprise. So misunderstood. So Bakula.

Anyway, the newest version of Trek in the funny books is going to start in September from IDW Publishing, and is going to feature the new, young, alternate timeline cast from the J.J. Abrams film. Abrams' producing partner Robert Orci will be in charge of the series, which will:

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Leonard Nimoy is 80!


It's Nimoy's turn to celebrate eight decades, and to be celebrated in turn with some of my favorite pictures of him. There’s a reason that, over on Tumblr, I tag anything he’s in with: “I love this man”. The following are some of the reasons why. (Warning: I'm an unabashed fangirl.)

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William Shatner is 80!


Today William Shatner turns 80. The man has had an extraordinarily varied career in showbiz, spanning science fiction, popular music (ah, "music" rather), Shakespeare, game shows, writing fiction, charity fundraising, and participating in that dearly missed chestnut, "Battle of the Network Stars."

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Star Trek: The Original Series Episode 15 – The Galileo Seven

Original Airdate: January 5, 1967

The shuttlecraft Galileo has been sent to study the Murasaki 312 quasar as a side trip while the Enterprise is on en route to Makus III under the watchful and bitchy eye of Galactic High Commissioner Ferris, who is a dick from the word go. Okay, the part is written that way, but the actor nails it.

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Star Trek 11 Teaser Trailer

Cold chills, y'all. Cold chills. I am actually developing some hope that this is going to be done right.

[Also, we hope this version of the trailer doesn't give you epilepsy. -Bren]