You Can't Please All The Fanboys All The Time, Or At All

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Episode 141: We Do What We Want   


This week Carey fills in for Rania. We pose a very important question at the conclusion of this podcast, so pay attention and make sure to call us or email us or whatever.

Comics discussed: Fatale, Winter Soldier, Birds of Prey, Spaceman, Xenoholics, Last of the Greats, Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes

Also discussed: The Green Arrow TV Show, Supernatural, Bronies, The Hobbit, Gentlemen Broncos, Feed (M.T. Anderson), Unwind (Neal Shusterman), Being Human, The Fades, Red Lanterns, and John Waters presents: Arthur & Lancelot

Music used: The Black Keys - Lonely Boy; Sarah Vaughn - It's De-Lovely


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Episode 140: The Merlin Hour. Give Or Take 10 Minutes   


This week Laura and Brenda try to talk about nothing but Merlin, which should have been easy considering every podcast for the last two months has started off with them talking about Merlin. Shockingly, after two hours, only 50 minutes was actually about Merlin, so here is that 50 minutes, edited down for your convenience.

WARNING. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN MERLIN SEASON FOUR, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. We start off with spoilers right off the bat. We also spoil the entire show, if you haven't seen any of it yet. It's available on Netflix streaming and season four just started on SyFy this weekend.

If you don't care about Merlin, the good news is, the other hour of conversation will be forthcoming.


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Episode 139: Happy Holidays!   


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! We don't have much to talk about as far as comics or our regular geek television programming. Instead we discuss Christmas specials / movies, then a little bit of our upcoming 2012 convention schedule, and somehow it all ends up back on Merlin.

Music used: Joey Ramone - What A Wonderful World; Klenodier - Hvilken Venn Vi Har I Jesus


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Episode 138: YOU GUYS JUST DON'T GET IT   


This week Carey fills in for Rania, and we talk about Merlin, FM, the new Beavis & Butthead, Brad Meltzer's Decoded, Searching for Bigfoot, Project Accessory, Work of Art, Once Upon A Time, Fringe, Grimm, and a little bit of Supernatural.

Comics talk! Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes, Atomic Robo, Comic Book Comics, The Vault, Magneto Not A Hero, what Iron Man and Captain America would fight over DVR'ing, Spaceman, Teen Titans, Red Lantern, Green Lanterns New Guardians, Stormwatch, Demon Knights, and Rachel Rising. We also talk about Under the Skin by Michael Faber, why we prefer Fassbender/McKellan to Stewart/McAvoy, and open up our email-bag and read some things from Alex Chung including his newest Nightmare Convention story from Comikaze.

Our new Google+ page is here! Gplus.To/Geektress!

Music used: Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks - Stick Figures in Love


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Episode 137: All Hail the Egg McMuffin   

("Breakfast Club" graphic by Keith Kuniyuki.)

This week Joe & PattyBoom from Comic Book Queers (we can't seem to get rid of Mr. Peebers), Chris from Geeks of Doom and Vince from Filmdrunk guest with Brenda to talk about breakfast sandwiches. Is it a coincidence that all the ladies canceled and this topic became a sausagefest? Probably.

French toast sticks. I underlined it.

Music used: Breakfast in America. Supertramp.


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Episode 136: Mmm, Leftovers   

knights of Merlin
If you click on this, it gets bigger.

This podcast is a smash-up of some leftover conversations with Comics of Doom friend Hunter Camp (we were talking about NYCC and various other things), and some Merlin and assorted comic talk with CBQ's PattyBoom, cut from last week's podcast.

Microwave on High for three minutes, serve piping hot.

Music Used: Mumford & Sons - Roll Away Your Stone

Links: Denys Cowan Voodoo Child. Chad Sell's 30 Queens.


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Episode 135: NYCC Recap   


This week our guest is PattyBoom from Comic Book Queers. We talk about our NYCC experience. Rania's child makes a guest appearance.

Music Used: Frank Black - Freedom Rock


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