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Episode 141: We Do What We Want


This week Carey fills in for Rania. We pose a very important question at the conclusion of this podcast, so pay attention and make sure to call us or email us or whatever.

Comics discussed: Fatale, Winter Soldier, Birds of Prey, Spaceman, Xenoholics, Last of the Greats, Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes

Also discussed: The Green Arrow TV Show, Supernatural, Bronies, The Hobbit, Gentlemen Broncos, Feed (M.T. Anderson), Unwind (Neal Shusterman), Being Human, The Fades, Red Lanterns, and John Waters presents: Arthur & Lancelot

Music used: The Black Keys - Lonely Boy; Sarah Vaughn - It's De-Lovely


Comments (2)

IMDb still has that feature you mentioned:

And I would watch the hell out of that John Waters King Author movie.

Also, Neeson.

I feel like "Brony" would occur when someone isn't comfortable entirely destroying gender boundaries. However, having never heard it before this podcast, and quite possibly never hearing it again, I don't know. I am down with guys like My Little Pony if that's what they like - though I also didn't know that the show was back. So mostly this podcast taught me that I'm out of the loop.

Welcome back! I read this. Thank you.