Gail Simone Approved.

Episode 140: The Merlin Hour. Give Or Take 10 Minutes


This week Laura and Brenda try to talk about nothing but Merlin, which should have been easy considering every podcast for the last two months has started off with them talking about Merlin. Shockingly, after two hours, only 50 minutes was actually about Merlin, so here is that 50 minutes, edited down for your convenience.

WARNING. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN MERLIN SEASON FOUR, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. We start off with spoilers right off the bat. We also spoil the entire show, if you haven't seen any of it yet. It's available on Netflix streaming and season four just started on SyFy this weekend.

If you don't care about Merlin, the good news is, the other hour of conversation will be forthcoming.


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I've never seen Merlin and I'm listening to this anyway. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. *taunts Happy Fun Ball*