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Episode 90: Suck it, Scorsese.


This week we are back with plenty of comic book talk (Northlanders, Nextwave, American Vampire, Hulk #25, Sweets), plus we discuss Venture Bros., Raising Hope, and Boardwalk Empire. Then Rania has to pee just as we start dissecting Pawn Shop Stars or whatever the hell that show is called. ALSO! David Cronenberg should have a tv show?

Music used: Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" (so don't listen to this at work or anything), and on the outtro it's the main theme from Steel Magnolias. This guy named Georges Delerue composed soundtracks for a ton of movies in the 80s, from Platoon to Beaches to Curly Sue, and passed away unexpectedly in 1992. Since then there has been this huge cult following for the guy, so soundtracks for his movies are really hard to find.


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haha, wait, so did this show just end with Rainia peeing herself? O.o

hahaha!!!! :D

Oh, btw, thanks for keeping up with the posting about which songs you play in the beginning! ;)

But the boys are clones of their original selves. They have a biological mom - the creators confirmed it. Does Laura think Brock slept with Rusty's girlfriend?

I read this. Thank you.


I think the different fathers (Brock & Rusty) theory on the original twins is a good one. Clearly, the genetics varied wildly the first time out, to say nothing of the clones. I love Secret Agent Hank. I hope he gets a new Batman mask!