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Episode 148: Look Who's Talking!   


Back from hiatus! Sorry that took so long, we were uh... making gifs.

This week we talk about the Red Wedding, Supernatural, Merlin, Hannibal, X Men #1, Captain Marvel, and discuss Buzzfeed's "12 Disappointing Facts for Geeks," which, (spoiler alert), was not disappointing.


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Episode 147: We Suck At Talking   


This week we talk about some tv, some comics, and mostly just complain and yell at each other. So, the usual.

Music used: Just Dropped In - Chappo (Kenny Rogers & The First Edition cover); Moneygrabber - Fitz and the Tantrums


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Episode 146: Sorry for the hiatus.   


....we didn't realize we'd been gone so long.

Things we talk about: Batman, Punk Rock Jesus, Fairest, Uncanny X-Men, Marvel Now, Fringe, Supernatural, Merlin, X-Men: First Class, Doctor Who

Music we used: The Ramones - Rock & Roll Radio; Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer


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Episode 145: TV and Comics   


This week we speculate on Arrow and the Beauty and the Beast remake, plus we discuss the Supernatural finale, how good Justified is, Community's cancellation, and why you should watch Nikita and LA Complex.

Then we talk iZombie's cancellation, Fairest, Flash Gordon, Thunderbolts, and Lobster Johnson.

Just for good measure, Rania reviews Dark Shadows and there is talk of Van Helsing being remade by Tom Cruise.

Music Used: The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling; Tchaikovsky, Sleeping Beauty Prelude


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Episode 144: May the Norse be With You   


Things Discussed: The various Hulks, The Avengers, Nova's First Birthday, Game of Thrones, the Conan movie (and Arnold Schwarzenegger's commentaries), Superheroes as cheese, emails from listeners, Supernatural, the Beastie Boys, Smallville comics, Anathema, Pterodactyls in the Gilded City, BPRD, Lobster Johnson, comics on your smart phone, Tumblr spoiling everything.

Music Used: Bounce Baby by Galactic


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Episode 143: The Douchebaggery Hour   


Fat Batgirl.

Topics: Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, the Eisners, iZombie, Wonder Woman, the Avengers trailer, Nerd Physics, what we gained from Geek Culture, FCBD 24 Hour Podcast, 30 Rock, the various CSIs, Chris Evans Appreciation Night, Alan Rickman, Tumblr Vs. Pinterest, and
make sure to check your privacy settings!!

Music Used: Frank Black - Adda Lee


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Episode 142: The Most Important Question of Our Generation   


STUFF WE TALKED ABOUT: Gentlemen Broncos, My Little Pony redux, the Supergirl Batgirl Wonder Girl cartoon Super Best Friends Forever, B.P.R.D., Ladies Night, Supernatural, Mark Pelligrino, The Closer, Walking Dead, Your Highness, Amazon Instant vs DVDs, The Ray and All Star Western, Sonic Tots!, Henrik Lundqvist's hair, Game of Thrones, Results for Neeson Vs Oldman, Star Trek 2, Being Human, babies are totally zombies / tiny drunks, and Tumblr is out of control.

Music used: Wolf Parade - This Heart's On Fire


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