Our laziness would be epic if we could bother to write about it.



When Laura and I started looking for some theater to take in while we were at C2E2 in Chicago, we stumbled across a listing for Nefarious!. It's a small production of an original musical comedy about superheroes, and the theater is called the "Cornservatory," what's not to love?

So, we took the train from our hotel in the south loop up to the show, and forked over $10 apiece for tickets. (Little did we know it was a BYOB venue, FYI for you, LOL.) We also dragged Stevie D with us, because if it was bad, we wanted independent witnesses to confirm that fact for us.

This is my first time ever reviewing a play or musical, so bear with me here.

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I Went Back to the Good Life

(All images and video courtesy Danielle.)

In 1996, Rolling Stone named Weezer’s album Pinkerton the second worst album of the year after Razorblade Suitcase by Bush (which totally deserved it). This past Saturday, I went out to the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago to see Weezer play Pinkerton in its entirety as part of a two night concert on their Memories Tour. The place was packed - disgustingly so. I haven’t been smashed into so many other people since the last time I saw Metallica.

But everyone was there for Pinkerton. Everyone sang along and danced to the whole frigging concert. There were people there who were no way old enough to have listened to Pinkerton in ’96 (hell, I didn’t listen to Pinkerton in ’96 and I was extra angsty 17 back then). Two of the people I was with were respectively 8 and 10 when the album came out but they knew every word just like I did and we all sang and shouted and danced with everyone around us in a great big sweaty pile of Weezer fandom that knew no bounds of age or gender. It was awesome.

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This Was Bands We Know! Week

(Image by Gre3g)

Did you know? This week on our Twitter and our Facebook page, we let you know about our friends that are cooler than us because they decided to organize and write music. It was Bands We Know! week, and four rock groups were linked from our various social networks. If you missed out, there's a recap after the jump.

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