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Justice League: Secret Origins Part 3

Previously on Justice League, a bunch of stuff that I already recapped happened.

Somebody is repairing that satellite dish that was damaged in the first episode. Somebody else asks him if he hooked it up right, because the readings are off the chart. Then there is a report from Snapper Carr that more invaders are coming and it's roughly five times the size of the first landings. Senator No Nukes wants the public to remain calm. Has no one picked up on the fact that maybe the astronaut who had something weird happen to him on Mars, then came back to Earth, became a senator and got rid of all the nuclear weapons is maybe in on the invasion plan? Batman obviously does not follow politics. Anyway, people aren't remaining calm. They are looting. Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter look on from a rooftop, and Diana wonders if her mother was right and mankind really is just a bunch of untamed savages. J'onn tells her that they act out of fear and she shouldn't be too hard on them. I think Diana's probably closer to being right, but then some biker looking guys try to get help some trapped kids. Green Lantern comes along to save them.

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Justice League: Secret Origins Part 2

Previously on the Justice League, we learned why throwing all the nuclear weapons into the sun might not be such a good idea..

Instead of getting straight to Batman, Superman and Martian Manhunter fighting aliens, we open in ancient Greece, or at least what looks like ancient Greece. There are lots of columns and stuff. A cloaked person sneaks through a temple with many columns. It's Diana and she's at the base of a huge gold statue of Athena. She fully removes her cloak and asks for her mother's forgiveness. For getting naked in the Temple of Athena? Then she takes the gold tiara. There are also some bracelets, a bustier, some rope - you get the idea.

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Justice League: Secret Origins, Part 1

Mars. The Mariner Valley. Two astronauts are discussing the view, and then checking readings on these things they have stuck in the ground. They are looking for, and not finding, water. Then one of the astronauts, named Carter, sees something stuck in a rock and goes to get it out with a pick ax. He thinks it's an ice crystal. When he gets it out, the ground starts to rumble. Then it starts to break apart like it's an earthquake. They try to outrun the spreading cracks, but Carter falls into the ever widening chasm. The still nameless astronaut tries to reach him on their receiver things, but can't. When Carter finally reaches the bottom, he tries to contact the astronaut now named Ed, but is having similar communication difficulties. Carter looks around the underground cave he finds himself in and sees a lot of strange markings, obviously some kind of writing, on the walls. Then he gets his pick ax and tries to pry open what looks like a door with a big seal on it. The doors slide open and a bright light emanates from within. Carter screams.

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