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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Starting tomorrow, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights will be out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Like Batman: Gotham Knights, the WB Animated release is a series of vignettes. This time they're about Hal Jordan and the Lantern Corps, and are designed to lead up to Warner Bros.'s release of Green Lantern next Friday.

However, you can download the movie right now at on-demand sites, or via your cable provider. You can also check out a buttload of special online features via the "I Am Green Lantern" site. You can create custom profile banners and pictures for Facebook, and unlock an exclusive video clip and downloads.

The animated feature stars Nathan Fillion as Hal, and through flashback shorts, tells the story of the Lantern Corps. After the jump we have a clip with Kilowog (played by Henry Rollins,) and an interview with Rollins and Nathan Fillion. (Plus, more photos!)

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Gotham City Sirens Go Gotham Noir

A few weeks ago, we saw some sketches going around on Tumblr of the Gotham City Sirens looking like they were stepping off the pages of Vogue in 1955. It was the fabulous work of Egle Marcogliese, a student fashion designer in Southern California. She studies illustration and is a fan of Harley Quinn, and was more than willing to answer a few questions we had about her costume designs for Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

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Not Your Average Cosplay: Recycled Vintage

Photo by Chanh Tang.

While we were at C2E2 this year, we saw a woman who had fashioned a snazzy straight-line skirt out of DC superhero fabric. We thought it was a clever way to dress for a convention without having to invest time and money in gobs of face paint or painstakingly handcrafted props.

I never realized that using superhero print fabric -- usually bed sheets -- could make such an interesting departure from traditional cosplay. But Francene brought to my attention Meagan Marie's website, where fashion really met comic con for a day last summer.

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When you are drunk you forget that I am in charge!

I was just complaining yesterday about there not being a Willow sequel, and today I find out Warwick Davis is guest starring in tonight's episode of Merlin. If you haven't been watching the show, we're now on season three on SyFy (Fridays at 10pm EST,) and, to quote our CBQ BFFE, PattyBoom, "shit just got real." After the jump, we have a clip from tonight's episode, "The Eye of the Phoenix", and an interview with Wicket himself, Mr. Warwick Davis.

(On a semi-related note, as a kid it always messed me up that Brad, the dickhead from Superman III, was the dickhead soldier in Willow. Asshats can transcend universes? FREAKY.)

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All Star Voice Casting

If you're a fan of DC's direct-to-DVD animated movies, you've noticed that there is a puzzling and wide variety of actors used in each ensemble cast. Sometimes a more familiar set of voices is used (actors from the original Batman, Superman, and Justice League animated television series often reprise their roles), and sometimes... Billy Baldwin. At New York Comic Con we got a chance to ask Bruce Timm what was up with that:

When we bring Kevin [Conroy] and Tim [Daly] in to do voices, our publicity people weigh in and say "We love Kevin and Tim but we need some stunt casting to get publicity and media exposure." So we always like to look at some of the major supporting characters as parts that we can stunt cast with higher profile actors. I would have been perfectly happy to use Nicole Tom and Michael Ironside. At the same time, I was delighted to work with Summer Glau and Andre Braugher.

For the upcoming All-Star Superman movie (out tomorrow), voiceover director Andrea Romano has rounded up an intriguing lineup of stars: James Denton, Christina Hendricks, Anthony LaPaglia, Ed Asner as Perry White, Frances Conroy, and Linda Cardellini. There's also veterans Michael Gough and John DiMaggio. So she answered a few questions about what it's like to "stunt cast" for certain selections from Warner Home Video.

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All-Star Superman: The Cartoonening

On February 22nd, All-Star Superman becomes available on DVD. It is based on the Grant Morrison / Frank Quietly miniseries of the same name. It stars James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Superman, Christina Hendricks (Firefly) as Lois Lane and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace, though I will always remember him as Barry the Blade in The Client) as Lex Luthor. There's a trailer and more pictures after the jump.

Bruce Timm was so kind as to have his birthday during our All-Star Superman week, so we talked to him about the film:

Tell us a little bit about the movie.

It was the toughest adaptation job we've done because, to me, a big part of the charm of the comic was the way it looked. I just love [Frank Quietly's] artwork. We knew going in that it would be difficult because he has a really different, almost a European kind of style. It doesn't look like typical American superhero comics. So it was tough. It took quite a lot of R&D before we came up with a design we felt reflected the comic but was still animate-able.

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Metropolis Has No Superman

Photo courtesy Josh Anderson / The New York Times

On January 21st, I went out to the Cornstock Theatre’s Winter Theatre Lab to see a play. As a Geektress, the title of the play intrigued me: Metropolis Has No Superman. But, I had to do some research because maybe this was just a clever metaphor for a person or a place without a savior. My MFA is in playwriting and I love the thee-ate-er, but I don’t do trite.

The author of Metropolis Has No Superman is one Mr. G. William Zorn (badass name but it should really be spelled with an X). Mr. Zorn is from East Peoria -- hey, cool! a play by a local playwright -- and he’s in the PhD program over at Western Michigan University. Wait a minute… that’s where I went to grad school.

This play is a big frigging deal. Zorn won the Mark Twain Prize for Comic Playwriting at the Kennedy Center's American College Theatre Festival in 2010, the same year Tina Fey won the grand poobah Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Damn.

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Battle Bots!

This past weekend, Wellington high school in Upper Arlington, Ohio decided to host a "Tech Challenge." The purpose was for other middle and high schools in the area that build robots to get some practice competition in before iSpace, a non-profit science organization in Cincinnati Ohio, hosts a robotics building tournament in February.

What really struck me as cool is that most of the members on one of the Wellington teams, Trash Torque, are female. Senior Jessie Fuller talked to us and explained a little bit about the scrimmage she helped host on Saturday. Video (with robots!) after the jump.

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