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BSG Episode Fifteen: Valley of Darkness

Previously: Adama gets shot, leaving a suddenly un-capable Tigh in charge to screw things up. Long story short, they have to network their computers to fix things, and some Centurions manage to climb aboard the Galactica. Back on Caprica, Starbuck and Helo go at it about Boomer #2 and her possible pregnancy. Also, down on Kobol, the downed Raptor crew are dealing with a lot of shit of their own -- some of them are badly injured or dead.

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BSG Episode Fourteen: Scattered

Previously, on season one of Battlestar Galactica: You could read all the recaps, but I'll save you some time. A bunch of robots blew up the outside world. About 50,000 people survived (give or take a robot or two), and the Secretary of Education became President by default. (And she has cancer.)(And she thinks she's a prophet.) While on the run from the homicidal robots, the last few survivors stumble across a planet that may or may not be the abandoned homeworld of their Gods. (Yeah, plural.) Before they can get to examining it, however, Starbuck has to head back to the newly nuked planet of Caprica and retrieve an ancient artifact. She does so against orders and as a result gets the President and Lee Adama arrested. Also, some of the Cylon robots look like humans, and one of them just shot the commander of the fleet, William Adama.

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