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BSG Episode Thirteen: Kobol's Last Gleaming P. 2

Previously: The fleet finds an inhabitable planet, which they find out is Kobol. A survey party heads toward it and is shot down by Cylons. Adama decides that before they send a rescue mission for the downed Raider, they need to blow up a Cylon base star orbiting around Kobol, using the Cylon Raider that Starbuck recovered earlier in the season. Roslin has other ideas, and gets Starbuck to take the Raider and head back to Caprica to recover "The Arrow of Apollo."

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BSG Episode Twelve: Kobol's Last Gleaming, P. 1

Previously: Starbuck captured a Cylon Raider. Helo and Boomer Copy #2 did it on a forest floor, then he figured out that she was a Cylon. The Leoben model told Starbuck that she would help find Kobol, and Earth. And the President has cancer.

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BSG Episode Eleven: Colonial Day

Previously: We were introduced to Tom Zarek, political terrorist. Roslin agreed to have elections as soon as her term ends. Also, Helo starts to figure out that Boomer might be a Cylon.

Now: Who says we can't have fireworks just because our home planet was destroyed and we're struggling to survive in the cold recesses of space?!

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BSG Episode Ten: The Hand of God

Previously: The President has cancer! I hope you haven't forgotten. Plus she's using some voodoo drug called "Chamalla" to cure herself. Boomer #2 has run off with Helo, against orders from her Cylon commanders. Starbuck was put in charge of training new pilots.

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BSG Episode Nine: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Previously, on Battlestar Airlocktica: Roslin shoved a Cylon out of the ship's airlock without an ounce of compunction. But not before he tells her that Adama Is A Cylon. Also, Sharon #2 has betrayed her Cylon buddies and decides to go on the run for real with Helo.

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BSG Episode Eight: Flesh and Bone

Previously: Adama and Roslin let fly with the "Cylons look like us now" secret. The President's cancer is getting worse, which means eventually she'll probably have to let go of her "I have cancer" secret, too.

A note: This episode, while good, is mostly talking. Which makes for a boring recap.

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BSG Episode Seven: Six Degrees of Separation

Previously: Baltar's real life girlfriend, Number Six, dies during the holocaust, but appears as a hallucination (or, something) to Baltar. Also, it's helpful here to remember that Apollo shot down a civilian carrier that was possibly infiltrated by Cylons, and supposedly was carrying a man with "information" about Baltar that he was trying to relay to the President.

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BSG Episode Six: Litmus

Previously: When last we saw P.R. rep Aaron Doral (Cylon Model #5), it was waaaaay back during the Miniseries. He was thrown off the Galactica and stranded at a munitions depo.

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BSG Episode Five: You Can't Go Home Again

Previously, on Battlestar Guiltica: Starbuck confessed to Adama that she passed her fiancee (and his son) Zak on his Viper pilot training because she felt pressure to, not because he was capable of actually flying a Viper. Then she went out and tried to get herself killed on a suicide mission.

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BSG Episode Four: Act of Contrition

Previously, on The West Wing Battlestar Galactica: A political terrorist named Tom Zarek backs President Roslin into a rock and a hard place, and she agrees begrudgingly to elections when her "term" is up. Oh, and by the way, the President has cancer. In case you forgot.

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BSG Episode Three: Bastille Day

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica: Robots blow shit up, everyone is thirsty. By the way, the Astral Queen, that prisoner transport ship? It's still around! And full of thirsty prisoners.

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BSG Episode Two: Water

Previously, on Battlestar Insomnia: The fleet was kept awake by continual jumps to light-speed, in order to outrun the Cylons. A ship got left behind and when it reappeared, Apollo was sent to shoot it down, on Adama/Roslin's orders. Oh, by the way, "There are many copies, and they have a plan." SPOOKY!

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BSG Episode One: 33

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, Rise of the Machines, a bunch of pissed off robots shagged and shot their way into the next Worlds War. (Talk about a Revenge Fuck!) The human race cut and ran, to the dismay of Republicans everywhere. Billions died in a nuclear holocaust, and only a rag-tag bunch of people remain, led by the former Secretary of Education and the warship Galactica. Also, one of the Galactica's more prominent soldiers, Lt. Boomer, was revealed to be one of the slutbots.

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BSG: The Miniseries

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck and Boomer were dudes. And the Cylons were robots created by lizards who hated humans. Seriously.

The tv movie that kicked off the newly revamped Galactica was three hours long, so you're basically just getting the bullet point edition of a recap. I'd include a review, but my review would be:


I would recommend this movie (and the season that followed) to anyone: Man, woman, child. Any age, any race -- it doesn't even matter if you like sci/fi or not. It's just a great show.

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