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Cylon-tastic Saturday

On Saturday, Rania and myself had the joy of sitting through a few major panels in the New York Comic Con screening theater. One of the showings was Disney related, and thus had many clips of Wall-E and the new Prince Caspian / Narnia flick. Wall-E didn't really capture my imagination before, but after seeing the previews of it, I'm definitely going to try and catch it when it opens in theaters. (On June 27th.)

The other panel was Battlestar Galactica related, and as you can see, I could actually be bothered to dig my camera out of my bag to snap some pictures. Originally, the panel description was to have stars Tahmoh Penikett and Grace Park, but to the surprise of everyone, convention virgins Rekha Sharma (Tory, Roslin's Aide) and Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh) appeared with Michael Trucco (Sam Anders). They didn't have much to say by way of spoilers for the final season, but they did have some interesting comments about discovering they were Cylons (video after the jump.)

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BSG: Razor - So Stab We All!

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica: There was a season three that you may have seen, but does not figure in to this movie. However, if you haven't seen season three and you watch the movie, you may be confused. Very, very confused. Hell, I have seen it, and I'm not sure I understand some of the stuff in here.

Razor takes place during the latter half of season two. Specifically, I assume the events of this movie were going on while we were having a look at "New(ly Nuked) Caprica" through the eyes of its Cylon inhabitants, in the episode "Downloaded." The Battlestar Pegasus has already made its grand appearance, bitchface Admiral Cain (MICHELLE FORBES) has been shot by the Pegasus copy of Number Six, Gina. The Pegasus commanders that followed, Jack Fisk (GRAHAM BECKEL) and Barry Garner (JOHN HEARD), are also quickly dispatched with during the course of season two. We're picking up just as Adama is making Apollo the new Commanding Officer of Pegasus.

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The Battlestar Galactica Glossary

Battlestar Galactica uses quite a bit of our own military terminology, as well as its own special lexicon.

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