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The Snowmen, or How the Doctor Got His Groove Back

My son Hunter and I had been anticipating the Christmas special since Angels in Manhattan. He was very upset about the Ponds dying, inconsolable for days.

(Spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet!)

As this episode opens, a young boy talks to a snowman he is building, who talks back. Fast forward 50 years, and the man now is talking to the snow, and feeding people to the Snowmen. The Doctor seems to have been hiding in the clouds, being moody. He will no longer help humans, because he doesn't want the pain of loss any more.

He accidentally meets Clara, a barmaid. We already know she has the face of Oswin. Our favorite alien couple is there, Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint, as is Straxx. We learn that Sir Conan Doyle based Sherlock on Vastra, which is Moffat's not so subtle nod to his other hit.

They are all watching over the Doctor. Clara keeps trying to get the Doctor to help with the problems with the memory snow, as her charge is having nightmares. She goes through a one word test with Vastra, which she passes by using the word "Pond."

There is an underlying romantic feeling with the Doctor and Clara, but that is nothing new. Unfortunately, she dies, but not before she quotes herself from her first Oswin episode, and the Doctor realizes it was her. He had never seen her face, but remembered her voice. He realizes that he can find her again, and sets off to do just that.

She is obviously not entirely human, or she couldn't have already died twice, which is why he is curious. It takes me a while to warm up to new companions, as I think it does many people. We shall see where this leads. All in all, a very satisfying Christmas episode, full of sadness and ultimately hope. Just what the Doctor should be.

Hunter: It was awesome! What I have to say is, it was epic and cool. The snowmen were creepy. Not sure if I like Clara/Oswin yet. I liked the new Tardis, there were two screens and it matched the Doctor's Scrooge-like personality in this episode. I am looking forward to the new cybermen update, and to see how the new companion does. The new opening was good, it included time travel and space travel. The old opening had too much time travel. The classic episodes had the Doctor's face, which was cool, and now we have the face again.

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