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Have (A Town Called) Mercy for (The Power of) Three

(art by Adam Koford for shirt.woot!)

Here we are, finally back with a brief review of "A Town Called Mercy" and "The Power of Three." Frankly, we weren't all that enthused about either episode, so this is mostly just about how time travel is confusing, brain hurty type stuff. We're pretty psyched for Saturday's fall finale, "Angels Take Manhattan," so we're saving our energy for that one. (I bet you didn't know it took a lot of energy to talk about Doctor Who. Well, it doesn't. We just don't have much to begin with.)

I would, however, like to add a personal note about "A Town Called Mercy": I am shocked by the lack of art in the fan community devoted to Susan.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

Francene: I have to say, I think these last 2 episodes are just filler to get us to the Ponds' leaving story. I did not like "A Town Called Mercy."

Laura: I thought the A-plots of the episodes have been pretty weak, but there was enough good character stuff in both of them to keep me entertained. Plus, Ben Browder is still all sexy and wonderful, so I was happy enough to see him again.

Francene: Oh yeah, I like the character stuff, that has been solid. I like knowing how companions feel about their situation. It is great they aren't just killing people off for the sake of it. The Doctor is so lonely, I am feeling sad for him.

Laura: Me too. Do he and Amy have the most codependent Doctor/Companion relationship? I think they do. Right now I'm a bit more fixated on what's going on with the timeline though. People on the internet are saying that the episodes are happening in reverse order, but I don't think that explanation really works. THERE IS SOMETHING WONKY WITH TIME!

Francene: Yeah, in one of the episodes he said he was 1200 years old. What is going on? Is he going back in time to visit them, because something horrible has happened? I am afraid to know.

Laura: Isn't he 1200 years old is because he aged a whole bunch when all of time was happening at once right before he "died"? But there's other stuff too. He referenced Rory leaving his phone charger in Henry VIII's bedroom in "A Town Called Mercy," but it happened in "The Power of Three." He asked Amy about her job in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," but in "The Power of Three" he didn't even know Amy and Rory had jobs. He could be going in reverse order to visit them, because something terrible has happened, but if that were the case, shouldn't he have known Rory's dad in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"? It's all so confusing.

Francene: OK, I thought I was going crazy. I have to re-watch some stuff. Yeah, the job thing confused me, but as I am admittedly on pain killers, I thought it was just me. Other people see this too! Hurray!

Laura: Doctor Who: The Show You Might As Well Be Watching While Zonked Out On Pain Pills.

Francene: So true.

(art by Baznet)

I have yet to decide if it would be better to re-watch everything before "Angels Take Manhattan," or if I should watch the new episode and then re-watch everything with all the available information. What do you think would be the best course of action?

Also, was this show as confusing when Davies was in charge? It didn't seem like it, but I didn't have to wait a whole week in between episodes when I watched his seasons.

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