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Walking with Dinosaurs (on a Spaceship)

(From Odd the Sun God's Tumblr)

We're back with our second Doctor Who review of the much anticipated "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." It's an episode jam packed with all sorts of nerdy goodness, and that's on top of the titular dinosaurs populating the aforementioned spaceship. It was also the episode that gave us two excellent pieces of advice: 1. Whenever you enter someplace new, press buttons; and 2. carry a trowel.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

Francene: OK, so my first impression is Mr Weasley! Lestrade! Filch! Also, Nefertiti is a slut.

Laura: Aw, it's not like she had a say in who she got to marry.

Francene: I know, but she was trying to get freaky with the Doctor, and that was the first thing we saw. She got cooler, and ass kicking.

Laura: I used to find Rupert Graves really attractive, and now he's just... Lestrade.

Editor's Note: He is still attractive thankyouverymuch.

Francene: I did take notes, but my daughter absconded with my notebook. I like the robots, they made me think of Fred and George Weasley, which is good. They were the comic relief of the episode.

Laura: I liked the robots too. They were apparently voiced by British famous people I don't know and therefore can't remember their names.

Francene: Comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, says Wikipedia. You can watch their show on Netflix.

Laura: I liked the dinosaurs. I'm still heart broken about Tricey.

Francene: Oh, god, Tricey! He was so cute. I like when the Doctor gets pissed at people for doing mean stuff. He stands up for people and dinosaurs. I loved the fetch scene.

Laura: My notes literally have "I want a pet triceratops!" followed immediately by "NOOOOOOO!"

Francene: OK, Filch was so creepy, and I don't remember allusions to rape on this show before. He skeeved me out.

Laura: Yeah, I was really grossed out by Filch too, and the rape allusions surprised me. One of the most sadistic villains we have seen. I was surprised when the Doctor killed him (by sending the missiles at his ship), but I can't say I was sorry.

Francene: After what he did to Tricey, and the Silurians, he had no other choice really. That guy was just bad all around. If left alive, he would have done it to another race. I just kept thinking "he had to violate the Prime Directive".

Francene: I am worried about Amy, though. She is going to come to a bad end. Foreshadowing and all.

Laura: I'm worried about Amy too. They are definitely foreshadowing that something awful will happen to her, but then, it also seems a bit like her and Rory are outgrowing the Doctor. I mean, who wouldn't want to go drop off the dinosaurs? I think all the best Doctor Who episodes are bittersweet.

Francene: Yes, they are bittersweet. I know I will cry at what happens. I think that they are outgrowing him, and want to relax, but they have been through so much, they can't. Which, she actually says. I think he loves them too much to let them go completely.

Laura: I almost think letting them just move on might be more interesting than having some tragic ending. Martha moved on because she didn't want to stay with someone who was never going to love her back, but having companions who just decided it was time to grow up and settle down would really be something unique. After all, for Amy, the Doctor is her imaginary friend, her Raggedy Man, and we all outgrow them eventually. She probably loves him too much to completely let him go too though, which is why she keeps leaving all her jobs to wait for him. Waiting for him is such a huge part of who she is.

Francene: Yes, the girl who waited. I do think it would be interesting to let them just go on and live their lives, but I don't see that happening. The Doctor is her Drop Dead Fred I guess. But, she does love him, in a way Rory doesn't. He respects and trusts him, mostly, but he is very practical about it.

Laura: I think Rory enjoys the adventures, and he likes helping people, but he's more there for Amy. The three of them have formed a kind of family though. I think that's why it was interesting to introduce Rory's dad. On top of the fact that it's always fun to see someone normal experience the Doctor and the TARDIS and everything for the first time, it expanded and reinforced that family element.

Francene: I like the way the Rory's dad did not do any of the things people usually do. He was just pissed about being taken away from home. Hey, I wonder how many fanfics there are about the Doctor and Rory now that they smooched. Maybe they were there before, I try not to look at too many fics. I is afraid.

Laura: I'm sure they were there before, but that about a million more popped up on Sunday morning. It's kind of gross though, since Rory's his father-in-law, but I guess since he's already kissed his mother-in-law it's no big deal.

Francene: I thought it was a fun episode, but I can't help thinking it is the last party before something awful happens.

Laura: I liked it too. It says something about an episode with dinosaurs on a spaceship, when we talk about the characters more than the dinosaurs. That's quality.

As you can see, there was a lot to talk about, and we didn't even get around to discussing the fact that Amy got her very own flirty companions, or the fact that there was a sleeping, baby T-Rex. Next week's review is going to be delayed, but the episode is guest stars Farscape's John Crichton (aka Ben Browder), so you know I'm excited about that.

Now, I leave you to ponder what's on the Doctor's Christmas list.

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