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Getting Committed to the Asylum (of the Daleks)

(From Lissy-Strata's DeviantArt Page)

I'm relatively new to Doctor Who, while Francene is a longtime fan, but we were both really excited for "Asylum of the Daleks," the start of the new season, on Saturday night. We thought we would have a little virtual viewing party, and then share our reactions with our readers. Of course, we wound up being slightly more absorbed in watching the show than commenting on it. It was a pretty major episode, with a lot of changes and revelations though.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

It probably wouldn't make any sense to you if you haven't seen it anyway.

Laura: 4 minutes in and I'm already desperately sad and jealous that I can't turn into a Dalek. Mostly sad though.

Francene: Ahhh!! That gave me tingles, I wont lie.

Laura: I didn't realize the part with the girl listening to the classical music loudly was part of the show at first. I probably missed something there.

Francene: The new companion! Seems promising. I love Daleks. Although, I think the green stuff that fell on Rory's face may have been Dalek poo.

Laura: Poor Rory. The worst stuff happens to him. I guess the new companion is from the future or something? Should be interesting.

Francene: Rory is the guy they torture. Can I just say that I love when Moffat has his characters say "This is Christmas". I makes me happy.

Laura: So, what do you think a Dalek has to do to end up in an asylum?

Francene: Maybe Daleks get sent to the Asylum if they dont want to exterminate. Start saying "Exfoliate."

Laura: I'm really sad about Amy and Rory. They better get back together. So not cool.

Francene: Oh, Doctor, you romantic little Timelord.

Laura: Aww, the Doctor is also an expert marriage counselor. He's the biggest Amy/Rory 'shipper.

Francene: So sad that they messed up Amy like that. Her only child has a time head, and is kidnapped.

Laura: Amy and Rory are by far the most dramatically fucked over of the companions, even compared to Donna, but they are also the best.

Laura: Oh, wow! Oswin...

Francene: Oh, that was so sad about her. Maybe she just thought she was Lady Gaga trapped in a metal dress. I am so glad Amy and Rory got back together. I admit, I wasnt on board with them at first, but they are sweet.

Laura: I loved Amy from the start. She's my favorite companion. It was the Eleventh Doctor that it took me a while to warm up to, and I still think I'm more invested in Amy and Rory than I am in him. I do love him too though. I'm really interested in seeing how Oswin eventually becomes a companion after that. I can't even fathom how that's going to happen.

Francene: I told my son he must visit her in another part of time when she is not a Dalek, seek her out somehow. He yelled "spoilers" at me. Is it a spoiler if I am just guessing? Hmmmph.

Laura: I don't think so, but I commend his commitment to waiting. Or maybe knowing that she is going to be the new companion is the spoiler? If he goes back earlier for her, he either has to bring her back and condemn her to that fate, or undo what she did with the Daleks. That would be interesting. Definitely a promising new companion.

Francene: I love when they get a "Dr. Who?" in the episode somewhere. Wonderful start to series 7.

Laura: Agreed on both counts! That's a pretty interesting reset to the Doctor/Dalek rivalry too. It should really open the door up to a lot of knew things.

As you can see, we both enjoyed the episode. What did you think? Are you excited about where all this might lead? What do you think is going to happen to Amy and Rory? Do you like Oswin? Let us know in the comments.

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I absolutely loved the episode - it's a brilliant start to the new series.

I don't want to think about what happens to Amy & Rory. I love them so much that it breaks my heart to think of anything bad happening. I'm typically not a fan of happily ever after endings, but I'm rooting for one for them.

I think it was a brilliant move to keep Jenna Louise Coleman's role in this episode a secret - it was a huge surprise when she popped up on screen. I like her, I think she has great charisma, and even if this isn't the exact character we see as a companion in the future, I think she'll be great with the Doctor.

Remember that Oswin told The Doctor to 'remember her name' since he does not know what she looks like? Perhaps it's not Oswin herself that is the new companion but a relative or ancestor?

Also, is Amy part Dalek now? She obviously didn't turn, but did The Doctor putting the bracelet on her reverse the damage already done? Will this perhaps take part in their "heartbreaking departure" from the show?

I'll be watching the episode again this week as I have many more questions after thinking about it for a few days.