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Mermaid Corpses and Social Media


Last night on Animal Planet, they re-ran a faux documentary program called Mermaid: The Body Found. It was in a similar vein as Trollhunter (though, nowhere near as well-produced,) and from what I gather, every time Animal Planet airs this show, it generates quite a bit of confusion.

It's made to look like it's really one of those "found footage" "alien autopsy" sort of programs that explores the mysteries of mermaids. It's also supposed to inform people of actual technologies, as well. Still, there is some question why it was on a "real channel" like Animal Planet, a channel that is owned by the same company that owns Discovery Channel, which airs -- among other things -- a reality show about auctioneers (to better compete with the HISTORY Channel and their successful show about PAWN SHOPS.)

Don't get me wrong, I love Deadliest Catch, but it's not exactly educational programming, which doesn't happen all the time anymore on cable networks like Discovery. Can you even remember what TLC was supposed to stand for? Just a hint, it's not "Kitchen Boss Marathons." So when Chew's Rob Guillory was bewildered last night by a re-airing of Mermaid: Body Found, he did some looking and came up with possibly the greatest representation of awful comments currently on the interwebs.


Obviously we're all going to have to watch this the next time it's on and compare / contrast partially masticated mermaid remains with Sharktopus, another film of import.

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Comments (3)

I now feel like I'm missing a whole component in my "found footage" research: people who think these things are real and it's just a government conspiracy. What about the Blair Witch? What about Cannibal Holocaust?

The Blair Witch is a government assassin!


Oh, the excerpt about the pot of fish is from someone who believes witches -- and I assume the wizardry kind, not the Wiccan kind -- are systematically exterminating mermaids.

because for some reason cryptozoological programs are like crack to me I watched this last night, and it was...odd to say the least, i honestly have a hard time stating an opinion it is very much a government conspiracy show. I was hoping for something in the vein of Bigfoot hunters meets deadliest catch and what I got was someone's weird movie pitch session.