Jensen is like Jesus. What he means to fangirls is far more important than the truth.

Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

No way! Links are here!


I have been waylayed by my horrible lack of any sort of organization. I have also been feeling a little like breaking up with pop culture and the internet, because I live in a barren wasteland devoid of actual thought. We call it Texas. (Ok,there are some awesome people here. They are just so spread out we dont live close to each other. ) Anyhoo, here is some stuff I have been staring at.

"Wookiee the Chew" prints by James Hance are available here and help pay the considerable medical costs James' daughter Maddie incurs from her treatment for a very rare form of Colitis.

Read! Sure, it isnt so new, but I love anything that promotes reading. Maybe the Twilight people will accidentally read something good.

Yes! Since Psychonauts was one of my all time favorite games, I must link to the Double Fine Kickstarter. Maybe if we all believe enough, Tinkerbell will fly. Wait. You get the idea.

This is just what it says, Awesomer.

This llama font makes me giggle.

I hope you all have lovely weekends, please be nice to your loved ones on Valentine's Day, but in all honesty don't just wait until that one day a year to tell them you love them.

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