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Carey's Comic Roundup


I've been remiss in writing about comics for Geektress. I'm a slacker, but isn't that what comic readers do? DC's relaunch has given me the chance to start fresh, and read comics I've never looked at before. Here's what I think as a new reader to the DC-verse (selected titles only since I can't afford to read them all):

(Doodle courtesy Eric's Green Lantern movie review.)

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan is a total chump. He has no character outside of being a Green Lantern, and when he's a Green Lantern, he's all, "I will punch problems to death instead of trying to solve them!" I've never really liked good guys in comics or television or movies because they all seem to react this way to an extent. When the good guy's only personality trait is being the good guy, the bad guy is way more interesting. I'd rather read a book about Sinestro. He's fascinating. I have a hard time relating to a hero like Hal Jordan. He's a man child and that's not a flaw I find acceptable. I'll take Tony Stark's drinking or Hank Pym's wife beating over being a whiny indecisive bitch any day.

Green Lantern Corps: You know what? I don't really like Guy Gardner either. The truth is I'm only reading Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps so I have context for Red Lantern and Green Lantern New Guardians.

Green Lantern Corps differs from Green Lantern in that Guy Gardner has bigger teeth than Hal Jordan and there's more punching and less whining. I would give this comic up except for the fact that I think it's going to collide with New Guardians. Also, there's a lizard lantern that has nubbins for limbs because his arms and legs got cut off. He has to wear his ring on his tongue.

Green Lantern New Guardians: I'm liking this comic a lot. I was really fascinated by the different colored lanterns before the relaunch. Kyle Rayner is the most relatable Green Lantern even though he looks like he needs a shower. The whole thing about Ganthet getting lobotomized is creepy and interesting. The interactions between the different Lanterns is rife for all kinds of philosophical speculation. I can't wait until New Guardians catches up with the Red Lantern timeline and Bleez can do more than puke blood.

dexstarr.jpgRed Lantern: Speaking of Bleez, Red Lantern is my favorite comic of the relaunch. This is some seriously heavy shit. Red Lantern asks what justifies righteous rage, and in so doing asks what justifies the powers of the other colored lanterns.

In the latest issue, we meet our first human Red Lantern - Rankorr. He's unusual in that he spent his whole life suppressing any anger and doesn't turn into a Red Lantern until he witnesses his overly violent brother (the one we all thought would become a Red Lantern) get beaten to death by cops. Red Lantern is the most cerebral of the Lantern books. While there's plenty of blood vomit, the story has so far focused on Atrocitus' need for intelligent companions and his struggle with what makes rage worthy. Also, Dex Starr.

Wonder Woman: This is a book that will also make you think, but in a different kind of way. Brian Azzarello has turned Greek myth on its head in a delightfully fucked up way. His centaurs, brought to life by Cliff Chiang, are creepy as hell. Speaking of Chiang though, he didn't do the last issue of Wonder Woman and I miss him because I love his work more than any other artist in the relaunch. Wonder Woman is like a Greek tragedy on crack - and it's definitely a tragedy. I thought WW was badass for headbutting a centaur in the face back in the first issue. But in this last installment, she stabbed Strife through the hand with a broken wine glass in a bar. Much like the honey badger, WW does not give a shit, and I love it.

Stormwatch: Ugh. I don't know why I'm still reading this. I don't get it and I think it's kind of boring. I have no idea who these people are and the only ones I find interesting are the dude who can talk to cities and Jenny Q. I only like Jenny Q because my husband explained to me what a century baby was. I want to read a comic about the adventures of Jenny Q and City Talking Guy.

Is Apollo supposed to be the guy readers relate to? The outsider finding his way in? He's boring as hell and angry without a good reason for being angry. And despite Laura's disagreement with me, I think Midnighter is kind of rapey. Straight superheroes don't get all up in their female colleagues' junk every other page. However, when Midnighter isn't punching things, he can't seem to do anything except think about Apollo's peen and tell Apollo he's thinking about his peen. To make matters worse, Midnighter has this chin spike thing going on that looks like it came from the Lust part of the movie Se7en. I wonder how Apollo would like that thing lodged in his nutsack.


I was ready to give up on Stormwatch until a friend told me a Red Lantern would make an appearance later. I do so love my Red Lanterns.

Demon Knights: I like this book a lot. I didn't start out reading it, but Laura convinced me to. All of these characters - Madame Xanadu, Jason/Etrigan, The Archer, Shining Knight, Ex, and Vandal Savage are fascinating. They all have complex backstories that unfold a little at a time. And Vandal Savage is hilarious, even in his recent betrayal of the others.

Paul Cornell is leaving Stormwatch and if that means more time on Demon Knights, then yay! Demon Knights is a far superior book with more interesting characters. The overall plot - ragtag bunch of warriors in a small town against an invading hoard - has been done, but this story still feels fresh due to the characters involved. Again, we see some back story here and I love it. I especially love the Xanadu/Jason/Etrigan triangle - so much potential for both humor and heartbreak.

Rachel Rising: If you aren't reading Rachel Rising by Terry Moore then you need to go punch yourself in the face right now. I can wait. Go. Do it until your nose bleeds.

Rachel Rising isn't part of the New 52. It's about a young woman - Rachel - who wakes up one night in a shallow grave. We still don't know if she's really dead, but her eyes are fucked up and she's sporting a strangulation scar. Lots of crazy stuff is going down - little girls with homicidal imaginary friends, a Rachel doppelganger, more murders - none of it makes sense yet. But it's Terry Moore and his comic book women are so pretty. I like this comic enough that I'll buy the trade when it comes out so I can read it as a whole.

So, there we go. I've been warned by husband that I'm bound to piss people off with the Green Lantern stuff, but whatevs. I didn't read any Lanterns or any DC before the relaunch. DC wanted new readers, so here I am and these are my opinions.

(P.S. Guy Gardner also has stupid hair.)

(P.P.S. What titles should I be reading that I'm not? Drop a line in the comments or chat with us on Facebook, Twitter, or me personally on Twitter.)

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Guy Gardner does NOT have stupid hair. He played football for U of M! I don't know how these things are connected but in my mind they are! To sum up, I don't read any Green Lantern books currently, but at least i don't have to punch myself in the face because Rachel Rising is indeed awesome.