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Green Means Go, Red Means Kill


My obsession with the Red Lanterns is no secret. (See here and here.) I love angry cats and I also love being angry. Really, I do. It’s liberating. This is why I’m pleased with the direction the Red Lantern book is going. In the second issue Atrocitus asks the all important question for the Red Lanterns: is some rage more justifiable than others?

Shit seriously just got real.

Atrocitus.pngAm I still reading a comic book? Or did I just walk into Philosophy 101? I think we’ve got both here, and I’m in love. The Red Lantern book had to go somewhere other than constant violence and blood vomit. That would have gotten old really fast, with the exception of Dex Starr. I would read a comic about nothing more than Dex Starr murdering shit every issue. But the angry cat lady demographic isn’t big enough to pay DC’s bills.

Atrocitus is going through an identity crisis. Is his rage justified? Is the rage of others justified? What will he do with all the power this rage harnesses? And what if retribution of others’ rage causes rage against the Red Lanterns? Is that rage also valid? Should those victims be Red Lanterns? I can’t even handle this brain fuckery.

Meanwhile, in Green Lantern land, Sinestro has a green ring again and no one knows why, especially him. Green is willpower. Does a person have to be good to be worthy of the green ring? Sinestro would say no, and I think he’d be right. Look at the Star Sapphires – they embody the power of love and those bitches be crazy. The Star Sapphire in New Guardians is named Fatality and gets her power from love scorned.


Speaking of New Guardians… Kyle Rayner now has one of each ring and Ganthet has been given an emotional lobotomy. Is Kyle worthy of each ring, based on each Corps’ precepts? Nobody knows! I think the fundamental question we’re going to keep running into in all four Lantern titles is whether or not good intentions have to be attached to each color’s given emotion. It looks like the answer might be no.

P.S. Wonder Woman is still so awesome it hurts my face.

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This makes me want to read these books even more. I'll have to wait for trades but I will be picking up some when they come out.

Very happy to hear about the direction the Red Lantern book is going. I was worried when I first heard about this book that it would be a one trick boring pony.