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Geektress Guide to Internet Shopping


For comics lovers, there are a ton of great sales going on today. First and foremost is Dark Horse Digital, who are offering 134 Star Wars comics for $100. Threadless is selling all their t-shirts for $10, including the ones by comic book artists. If you want original art, check out your favorite creator's Etsy store. For instance, Sean Dove will take 20% off your order if you use the code "CYBERMEN" in his Etsy print shop. And all Ten East Read items by Christiann at Stickcomics are 25% off until Wednesday! (Enter THANX11 at checkout.)

Plus, you can go to Amazon and save on pretty much any tv box set or dvd or blu-ray you're hoping to get this Christmas.

Her Universe is having a sale on some of their shirts, but the big news is, their Battlestar Galactica toaster necklace is now available online. There are new items at their store, too, including a Cat Staggs designed t-shirt. Every order gets a free Yoda pin. ThinkGeek is offering shipping free (to the contiguous states) with the code CYBERMONDAY, or you can get $10 off $50+ orders with the code CYBERMONDAY10.

For grown-up designer toy lovers, everything at Mimoco is 25% off, with free shipping over $50. Local Columbus store Rivet is closed on Mondays, but is having a cyber Monday sale at their online store! And if you go directly to Shawn Smith's Shawnimals Shop, use code SOFTER1130 for 5 x 30% off coupons; SOFTER1120 for 10 x 20% off coupons, SOFTER1110 for unlimited 10% off coupons, OR, enter the phrase CHARMING! in the notes of any order to enter a chance to win a free set of Ninjatown Zipper Charms. Any sized order! Even if you use another coupon code!

If you're trying to stay squeaky clean, you can receive 30% off your order using the code CYBER30 plus a free snowman soap set with orders $50.00 or over at LoveLee Soaps, or stop by Geeky Clean to get five soaps and get one free! (You should check out her label work, great art going on from Sara at Two Bit Art.)

For the quilters and crafters among us, Spoonflower is having a two-for-one sale on fat quarters the ENTIRE week, not just today. For the curious, a fat quarter is a quarter of a yard of fabric, but cut as an 18 x 22" rectangle instead of a long strip of fabric. And Spoonflower usually sells those for $14, so $7 is quite a bargain for uniquely-printed fabric. (We've mentioned Green Couch Studio's adorable Dr. Who print before, now's the chance to get some at a discount.)

And if you're wondering what we're interested in getting for the holidays, we made a list!

For Carey, you could perhaps get her a mustache tote bag, or perhaps the Cthulhu Christmas sweater. And of course, every girl wants to sport a narwhal brooch, because duh.

For the home, try keeping calm with cupcakes. You can create an awesome floating bookshelf out of books using the invisible bookshelf organizer. If you've got quite a lot of money in your budget for new furniture, Katie Thompson recycles refrigerators, old suitcases, and more. My personal favorite is this blue suitcase chair, which I have nowhere to put but who cares? You can also wallpaper your bathroom to look like the inside of the Tardis, or fool your friends in to thinking you're Willy Wonka but spreading some Gummi Bear lamps around the apartment.

For your pets: Maybe grab a Space Invaders collar, or a Death Star catnip toy. You could also express your devotion to Mike Norton's Battlepugs (or maybe your own pugs) with these juice glasses from Bread and Badger. Or just go to ThinkGeek and get the Bonsai Kitty to grow your own.

Carey recently purchased the Kirk/Spock salt and pepper shakers for her Trek-obsessed stepmom. [Which is salt and which is pepper? I'm trying to figure out which seasoning is more logical. Kirk is probably saltier. ~Laura] You could also show your Starfleet loyalty by tacking this Trek fish emblem on your car.

Francene has this Fights Like A Girl tee on her list, as well as Ninja salt and pepper shakers. [These ninjas are adorable. I would use these for every day and Kirk and Spock for special occasions. ~Laura] Personally I prefer the Johnny Castle t-shirt, but we've established already that Laura and Francene mock my sincere love of Dirty Dancing.

Laura: I really like socks. These are space socks. That makes them even better. Also, really cute. And, MY pie! You ca't have any. (That's why I want mini pies, right there.) Breville has a Personal Pie maker.

Brenda:Being Star Wars obsessed, myself, I can't pass up showing you what I put on my Wish List this year. First would be Mimoco's Han Solo in carbonite usb drive carrying case (and of course there is an unfrozen Han drive inside.) I may seriously get an X-Wing Pilot hoodie for myself if no one else does, that jacket is pretty cool without being as totally dorktastic as the Yavin jacket I had on my list earlier. And then there are the new licensed Moleskins that feature two different Star Wars designs. [I have absolutely no need for more notebooks, but these are a necessity. ~Laura]

Whatever you're doing today -- making leftovers, wrapping presents from Black Friday, trimming a tree, prepping the Channukah bush, oiling the Kwanzaa bot -- be safe and have fun. Don't step over anyone having a heart attack. Try not to get in to too much troubles, okay?

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I think Spock is the pepper. He's a little exotic compared to Kirk, who probably tastes salty. I also bought the fish decal for my car.