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Clutter Magazine and the Designer Toy Awards


This year at New York Comic Con I took the opportunity to head over to the Clutter booth and see what was up with their magazine. What I found out is that it's a $10, quarterly guide to some of the best in the designer toy-making industry, packed full of interviews with all sorts of artists. Not only were there full-color photos of toys, but beautiful original artwork from creators like Lou Pimentel and Leecifer (issue #15.)

After the jump, we have an interview with Clutter's Managing Partner, Josh Kimberg, about their site, and the Designer Toy Awards.

Clutter introduced me to the works of Lana Crooks, who is a plush toy artist based in Chicago. They had the NYCC-exclusive Coralmari plush available at their booth, plus a fantastic interview in the print magazine. Her stuff is amazing, I hope she's at C2E2 next year (or maybe not -- I don't know if I could afford it!) I love the hedgehog featured in the magazine (above) and her Etsy store has some smaller things, like the ice cream cones above, plush skulls, star fish, and yeti.

The interviews in Clutter are pretty robust and comprise most of the print magazine. Meanwhile, their online blog includes more news, photos, and artwork from some of their favorite creators. Kimberg explained their process for picking what they cover on the site:

On our blog you're going to find a curated vision of toys that we think are cool and releases that we think are important. We don't just write about all the different things that are coming out, it's really a narrow focus of the stuff that we endorse. If we don't endorse something, we'll come out and say that we don't. What you're really getting with Clutter is a quality -- we hope! -- vision of where the industry's going.

Make sure and check out their site for exclusive toys designed for their convention booths, and for news about next year's Designer Toy Awards, something they started this year at San Diego Comic Con. Some of this year's winners were Kirby and Whitney Kerr at Rotofugi, for both best online store and best brick-and-mortar store; Kidrobot for their "Munny" DIY series; and Andrew Bell as a fan favorite for his Android series. (We have footage of a DIY Android party at Rivet on our Facebook page.)

Below Josh Kimberg talks a little about the awards and shows off the Toy King, a Pete Fowler-designed character that became the DTA's statuette icon.

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