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In the New DCU, Wonder Woman Means Business


As you all know, I'm pretty new to the DCU and I've used this relaunch to get involved in comics again for the first time in a while. I read trades that are already well under way, but this is the first time I've read floppies in years. So far, I'm really enjoying myself and feel like I have current stuff to talk about with Geektress and the CBQs for a change. You know, instead of what happened in X-Men back in 2003.


The first one I glommed onto was of course the Red Lantern title. I love Dex Starr and he got a nice two page spread early on in the book. Out of all the lanterns, I like the red ones best. Like all the first issues of the new 52, this one is introductory, and we're basically getting a feel for the Red Lanterns as characters and their leader Atrocitus's particular dilema of being the only Red Lantern who has the capacity to articulate thought and speech while being so damn mad. He's lonely. And pissed. And the other Red Lanterns don't quite trust him anymore because he tells them to stop puking acidic blood on each other all the time. I'm looking forward to reading this title, and not just because of Dex Starr. I have a feeling we'll be addressing an issue Laura brought up on a previous podcast - what if a Red Lantern goes to therapy? I think Atrocitus will be facing some life changes, like rage puberty, and I wonder how the ring will work with a Red Lantern who can think past the blood rage.

I'm also reading Green Lantern, because I probably should if I'm going to read Red Lantern. From what I gather, the GL titles are the least relaunched of the group, and I still have to know everything from before. I'm giving GL a shot because I was really intrigued by Blackest Night and Brightest Day but didn't feel like I knew enough to get into either storyline. So far, Hal Jordan has lost his ring and Sinestro has it. Sinestro doesn't really want it and Hal kind of wants it back. I don't know all the backstory here except Sinestro is evil and does some evil shit and no one can understand why the green ring chose him. Also, Hal is a goofy asshole and I hope Carol Ferris stabs him in the forehead with her high heel. I'll keep reading, but so far, I'm not that invested.

I read Green Lantern Corps too, because, yeah, see above. I probably should. Again, I felt there was a little too much that I needed to know for me to be starting fresh, but I know who Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner are. I'll stick with it - this seems like straight up GL adventures. Although, the art was really pissing me off. There were several panels where I couldn't tell what I was looking at. This happens to me occasionally and I can't tell if the artist is drawing something too close up or if I'm just really retarded. Also, is it just me or does Guy Gardner have huge teeth?


Green Lantern New Guardians was more interesting than the other GL titles but the first book was a total cocktease. And a little confusing. So, Kyle Rayner is another GL. And here are other colored lanterns who are getting depowered and their rings are gravitating to Kyle. Okay, I get that part. But the book only showed some of the lanterns getting depowered. And then the lanterns who got depowered weren't always the ones who came after Kyle. For example, Bleez wasn't the Red Lantern that got depowered but her crazy ass was the one who went after him. I thought the depowered Yellow Lantern had died. Also, what the hell is that orange thing? And the blue guy? Maybe I'm not up to speed and this is another example of the fact that I don't know enough to be starting fresh with this comic. I'm also going to stick with this one because I'm fascinated with all of the different colored lanterns. Also, Bleez. That bitch is fierce.


Wonder Woman is straight up the shit. I don't have anything bad to say about this comic. The horse mutilation was rough but the gaping neck holes grew into motherfucking centaurs. I haven't read WW before, but I'm a sucker for Greek mythology and this relaunch looks like it'll be drenched in it. My favorite part of the comic was when WW grabbed the one centaur around the waist with her legs and then headbutted it in the face. That's what I'm talking about. I wish I could solve all of my problems like that. This book has intrigue, gods walking the earth and sexing up mortals, brutal violence, and great art. I love it. I'm a converted WW fan.

All Star Western was also really good. I'd never read a Jonah Hex comic and this first storyline is building up to be a shady conspiracy/dead prostitute adventure. I like Jonah Hex as a character and I never saw the movie to have him ruined. I also liked the art in All Star Western and I plan on sticking with Jonah Hex's ugly ass mug.

The only surefire dud of the pack that I picked out was Swamp Thing, and this might be more my fault than DC's. Where I at least knew a little bit about GL, WW, and Jonah Hex, I knew nothing about Swamp Thing and found it hard to follow. I was immediately confused by the dinosaur in the Bat Cave on the second page and when Supes showed up wondered if he'd had really bad Botox injections. Aside from the bizarre art, I didn't understand what was going on and I didn't know enough about the character to care, so I think I'm done with Swamp Thing.

So, in my limited knowledge of the DCU and the reading choices I've made, Wonder Woman is the clear winner of the DC relaunch. The Red Lanterns follow closely, but headbutting evil centaurs in the face will be tough to beat.

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Comments (2)


Wonder Woman was pure perfection.

I'll more than likely try the GL books in trades and also WW.
Swamp Thing is a great character but always so hit and miss with me. I actually think he's better as a guest star character. I have the same sort of feelings about Doctor Strange in Marvel, solo books don't work for those characters.