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The Year of the Tardis


Geektress friend Lisa Lombardi is a consummate cosplayer. She is our guest poster for the day, with an awesome picspam of Dragon*Con costumes:

If you went to Dragon*Con this year and you weren't a Doctor Who fan, you were probably perplexed by the influx of colorful scarves, fezzes, and denim mini skirts dominating the convention floor. Doctor Who cosplay has always been popular at cons, but this year it ruled Atlanta. The costumed parade group dedicated to the show rivaled the size of the 501st group for the first time, and as a friend of mine said, "Amy Pond is the new Slave Leia". What everyone seemed to notice, though, was the overwhelming amount of interpretive Tardis and Dalek costumes and crafts, which is a trend that's been building over the last few years, but seems to have grown by leaps and bounds this Dragon*Con. I tried to gather as many pictures of these as I could from around the web, to show off the cool, creative work these talented geeks did for the love of a show that means so much to us.

A giant red Dalek rolled though the hotels most of the weekend, which turned out to have a small human controlling it. It didn't mind stopping to pose for pics with some of the more lady-like of the species, though.

(Steampunk photo courtesy Counse.)
Multiple generations of Daleks were represented, from Matt Smith-era dresses, to some steampunk incarnations. All in all, a great variety of dresses were out in full force, even a Dalek you could wear as a full suit:

(Photos courtesy obeeah13, Jessie Forrester, CHJ Baker, Andrew Guyton, and Taps 7734.)

And then, of course, were the Tardis dresses: beautiful, funny, sexy, dressed up or dressed down, they were all over the place and they were all awesome:

(Photos courtesy Kell, Erin, Clockwork Dandy, Derek DeWeese for our friends at Geeks of Doom, Sarah Moran, Jason Ernst, Becky Montgomery, Sam and Janet Fan, and Carencey.)

I heard tell there was a Tardis Exterior coat that this woman could wear over this rare Tardis Interior dress. A popular custom-print fabric has been making its way into plenty of vendor booths in the form of bags, pillow cases, or cute party dresses like in this adorable ensemble. (Picture courtesy Kara Evans, custom print by Green Couch.) There are better photos of this dress floating around but I loved the fact that she found a K-9 dressed in a Tardis colored suit. (Photo courtesy Lower 72.)

Speaking of suits, there were at least two gentlemen who had their own masculine versions of the Tardis, which got quite a bit of positive attention from fans.

Even the kids got in the spirit.

(Photo courtesy Melanie McDermott.)

Of course, there was also a more traditional, literal Tardis that could be worn for instant photoshoot backdrops.

And plenty of other Tardises (Tardii?) around every corner.

For those who didn't want to commit to a full costume, there were plenty of Doctor Who crafts to show off their pride, too, including the spinning Tardis purse I found:

PHEW! I think that's the most comprehensive con cosplay roundup we've ever had on the site. And the second all-Who picspam! Thanks again to Lisa for the guest post.

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I think I would like to own a Dalek party dress.


Me, too!

Also, a note, if you click on some of the text links, it embiggens in to more pictures. I didn't want to overwhelm everyone with all the thumbnails.