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Happy 45th Birthday, Star Trek!!

2651966909_358eed5c46_z.jpg (Sadly, you can't get pretty Star Trek wedding cakes from the Hilton in Las Vegas anymore because they stupidly got rid of that exhibit. This cake is from Anna White's Flickr.)

My step mom owns every single piece of Star Trek memorabilia that has ever been marketed and it doesn't even matter which show it came from. She's seen every episode of every show, read every book, seen every movie hundreds of times, and has every limited edition whatever that has ever come out.

She loves it all, but her favorite is arguably original Trek. I swear the woman would leave my dad on Christmas morning for Captain Kirk without thinking twice. She tried to get me interested in original Trek when I was younger, but I wouldn't have any of it. I was a hateful teenager and didn't have time for that hippie bullshit. My interest extended as far as the occasional episode of Next Gen on a good day and that was only if the episode heavily featured Data, who I had an inexplicable crush on.


Over the last few weeks, Dave has been watching original Trek on Netflix streaming and I found myself caught up in it. I am loving the HELL out of this show! At first, I was annoyed at my teenage self for being so stupid, but there was no way my teenage self could have appreciated just how good original Trek really is. And yeah, I mock it mercilessly.

Dave gets mad when I refer to Spock's tricorder as a murse. I don't believe any self respecting manly man-whore like Kirk would ever wear a lime green wrap around shirt with a hip insignia. And with all the contrived excuses to knock boots, I have to ask Dave to please turn down the volume on Whore Trek when I go to bed. At the same time, I found I've developed a hopeless crush on Spock and find myself completely enthralled and enchanted by life on the Enterprise.

Tor has their list of underappreciated aspects of original Trek in honor of its 45th birthday right here. My list is inspired by theirs, but more of a general "10 things this newb loves about a great old show" list:

1. Star Trek stands up fairly well to the test of time. If you can get past the superficial corniness of Shatner and some of the contrived plot issues, you still have a great adventure story and excellent social commentary.

2. Spock is the best. He's the best written character on the show even though he's supposed to have no emotion. He's got this dry wit that is still relevant in 2011. His banter with both McCoy and Kirk is genius and Spock is the master of burnination.

3. Speaking of Spock, you know that episode "A Piece of the Action"? Spock and Kirk dress up like 1920s gangsters. I'll take a piece of that action.

1920s gangster Spock, Kirk

4. In every single episode, if there is a woman for Kirk to mack, you immediately know which one it's going to be. She might as well be naked.

5. In the evil Mirror Universe, everyone looks like they came from some kind of gypsy hooker camp. The Mirror Universe loves scarves. And in the Mirror Universe, George Takai is aggressively straight.


6. The noise the Enterprise makes every time someone speaks over the intercom. Wheeeeeeeooooooooo! I want my phone to make that noise when I get a text.

7. The fact that Kirk is kind of a dick to his crew but if anyone else is, he'll beat their ass. Like how it's okay for you to talk shit about your retarded little brother but if anyone else does, you'll fuck them up bad.

8. There are two episodes with kitties.

9. There are two episodes with an intergalactic space pimp. And this fact isn't softened or hidden at all.

10. I think McCoy has some serious psychological issues and I love it. Remember that time he punched a pregnant woman? Me too.


Happy birthday, Star Trek! I really love you!

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Comments (3)

Not only did McCoy punch a pregnant woman, but he also said "Jim, I'm a doctor, not an elevator!" That is, no lie, one of my absolute favorite episodes.

You have to give it up for Shatner too. He has pretty much the best look of amusement in the history of acting. Also, Kirk can't be a total man-shore, because he won't fuck Yeoman Rand. Either he knows something we don't, like she has VD, or he has some sort of standard for not being too pathetic.


Carey you inspired me to look up a Spock / McCoy quote.

Dr. McCoy: "Please, Spock, do me a favor ... 'n' don't say it's `fascinating'..."

Spock: "No... but it is... interesting..."
(from The Ultimate Computer)


We just watched that one last night! Kirk got all mopey and drinky.