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Avoid the Moon Noid


A few weeks ago, the Japanese branch of Domino's Pizza announced they want to open a franchise on the moon.

"We started thinking about this project last year, although we have not yet determined when the restaurant might open," said Tomohide Matsunaga, a spokesman for Domino's in Japan.

pizzamoon.pngDespite the cost of $21.7 billion and the 15 rocket launches to the moon it will take just to get the building materials there, there's also the part where no one actually lives on the moon. Apparently Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station ten years ago, and Domino's Japan decided a funny way to "get back" at their rivals would be to wait a decade and then announce lofty plans for the most expensive, least patronized store in their chain. THAT'LL SHOW THOSE PIZZA HUT BASTARDS!

An artist's impression of the restaurant anticipates a two-story dome with a diameter of around 85 feet, and a basement level constructed of steel plating with an area to prepare pizzas. Staff would be required to live on the premises.

Emphasis mine, because, I'm sorry, you were expecting people to commute to the moon.

All this got me to thinking about Futurama, which I'm not currently watching. I know, I was the biggest proponent of bringing the show back, and I keep forgetting to record the show now that there are new episodes. I'll get caught up some day, shut up! Then I'll be like all the rest of you, who watched Futurama after it first aired when it reran on Comedy Central for years and then told me all about how great the show is because you were busy watching football or whatever the first time around.

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Anyhow, I think we can all agree that Luna Park would definitely be sponsored by Little Caesar's, because eventually the Ilitches are going to want to put hockey on the moon.

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