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Handmade, Geeky, Awesome

You may have seen this, it's mjade19's crocheted AT-AT, and it's awesome.

It's time for one of those posts where we alert you to possible cool gew-gaws in the geek world.

Have you seen Geek Crafts? It's basically this entry, but all the time. I found lots of cool things surfing through the Geek Crafts blog the other day, including Nathan's Etsy store, where he's got bottled Zelda fairies for sale.

Williams Sonoma now has a Marvel Collection. So far it seems to be comprised of the same sort of things as the Star Wars collection, of which I own all the cookie cutters and the apron, and they are awesome. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for Spider-Man head spatulas and the pancake molds, but I personally think the cakelet pan is cool. Laura is creeped out by just the heads, though she thinks it's cool there's now Marvel stuff at W-S. I have to say, at first I balked at the prices, but the $20 cookie cutters have more than paid for themselves. I don't even put the Darth Vader cookie cutter I have away, I keep it out because I never know when I'm going to want to stamp Siths on stuff.

In case you didn't know, artist James Hance has a Redbubble shop. You've probably seen his versions of Winnie the Pooh mashed up with Star Wars, as well as his Star Wars / Calvin & Hobbes graphic. He's got plenty of different mashups, including this Muppets logo for Starborks. I need to buy 80 of those stickers and put them on everything.

Bacon soap? Bacon soap. It's not from our friends at Geeky Clean (who have awesome light-up Tardis soaps, check them out,) but Etsy user Sweet Soap Treats. The bacon soap is available in bacon smell or "other," whatever you specify. I love bacon, but I can't say I want my armpits to smell like it, necessarily. Anyway, Sweet Soap Treats have other food-related soaps, including a bacon-n-egg combo.

Laura (not ours) wrote to us about her Etsy store, PopCycled, full of jewelry made from recycled comic books. She's just started it and she wanted us to take a look, and right away I fell in love with her Comics Code Authority necklaces. You may prefer a Powergirl pendant or a Wonder Woman paperweight, though.

I would be a complete jerk if I didn't alert you to Salty and Sweet, especially to those of you with young children in need of a good crib mobile. There's all sorts of genres in there -- ninjas, video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, roller derby -- but my most favorite is the collection from the Ministry of Silly Walks. It's just perfect.


And finally, we arrive at the How-To, Crafty portion of our post! I have been waiting for a Marshmellow Friday opportunity to post this, but I can't really wait much longer. Anna the Red has an instructional to make Domo-Kun marshmallow treats. It's actually as simple as dipping marshmallows in chocolate, and piping Domo-Kun faces on, but she's perfected it. I'm definitely trying this just as soon as I stop this diet. Some day.

I can't actually remember if we've linked you to this before, but here it is again -- Ellen Botilda's pattern for Tardis socks. The pattern is available for free from Ravelry. They're pretty amazing, I wish I could stick to knitting. Perhaps I can convince my mother-in-law that I need her to make me these, as making socks is like, her thing. It takes her a while, though. I've been with my husband for 10 years and still haven't earned a pair yet. My husband only just got a pair himself last Christmas. (Her method is to start both socks at once, so that she doesn't get one done and lose interest in completing the pair.)

If any of you crafty Geektresses try one of these projects (or any other how-to's we've posted), we're always interested in seeing the results! Post photos to our Facebook page, or send us email! Comments (at) geektress.com will hit up all of us at once. :)

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candace :

First off, I HAVE to make those Domo-Kun's for my niece's birthday party. (Oh who am I kidding? I'll make them for mine too!)

Also, you should check this out - it's amazing. Some really great pieces in here.



I am going to tweet that Gallery! The show runs until Sept. 25!