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Colin Farrell is Probably a Vampire in Real Life


I kind of feel bad for going to see Fright Night this weekend. For a couple of reasons:

1. I barely remember the original. I was 6 when it came out and maybe 8 when I saw it. My mom was going out for the night and told the babysitter she had both Fright Night and Sex, Lies, and Videotape on VHS. Which was apparently a big deal. The babysitter chose Fright Night and all I remember was being scared all to hell.

2. I can't stand Colin Farrell. He just seems really dirty. [So, so.... dirty... - Ed.] And I still want my $8 and hour and a half of my life back for Phone Booth.

Because I barely remember the original, I feel kind of guilty for thinking the remake was pretty fun. I enjoyed myself. Skeezy Colin Farrell makes a really good skeezy vampire. Crotch grabbing, foul mouthed David Tennant is almost entertaining enough for me to give Doctor Who a chance. Maybe if Doctor Who grabbed his crotch and said "fuck" occasionally, I would be more interested in watching. Also, kid from the new Star Trek made an adorable and believable hero type character. Even though he looks about 12.


My husband had seen the original in recent memory and his only complaint was that Colin Farrell was too creepy too quickly. I guess in the original, there's a good bit of the movie where you're not sure if Chris Sarandon is actually a vampire or if the kid is just a nutball. I like that angle. I'll probably revisit the original Fright Night as an adult. But I had fun with the remake. If you're not a crazy purist, you'll probaby like it too.

P.S. There was a preview for John Carter of Mars that looked both amazing and terrible. I'm totally going to see it.

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Photoshop makes him look older. And he's 22! COMPLETELY WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF POLITE SOCIETY!

Carey, you obviously miss the entire point of Colin Farrell.

I'm going to go see this movie this coming weekend. I don't remember much about the original either, other than that I loved it as a kid. I don't feel guilty about that though.

I heard that Chris Sarandon pops up in the movie. Is that true? I've been wondering what happened to him.


He's on tv all the time! He was on the Good Wife.

Clearly I have been watching the wrong episodes of The Good Wife.


Maybe he was on the only episode I watched. He's a judge.


Yup, Chris Sarandon has an amazing cameo.

I'm all about a little skeeze. Colin Farrell just has too much of it.


I recently watched the original, because my husband had never seen it and I felt that it was my duty to remedy that.
I do remember being absolutely terrified as a kid watching it. While it wasn't scary now, it was still spooky.
I've always been a little scared of Chris Sarandon, regardless of if he's a psycho vampire or not, but in the original, he definitely had you second guessing the kid at first.

And while I do think that Colin Farrel is gross, I think he'll be a perfect Jerry.
We all need more violent manipulative fruit eating vampires in our lives, right?


Chris Sarandon *is* scary. Prince Humperdink is a sociopath.