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Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
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He-Man: Master of the Dance Floor


We all knew Zach Morris was gonna grow up to be a lawyer, so Mark-Paul Gosselaar has launched a thousand lawyers shows recently. But you know Screech went on to become a robotics engineer, so where is Dustin Diamond's Real Genius-like sitcom? Why isn't he on the Big Bang Theory, at the very least? Because Hollywood is nerd-litist, that's why. And they love lawyers.

At San Diego Comic Con last Friday, "Toy Masters," the first-ever documentary about the creation of the He-Man toy and its subsequent Filmation cartoon, debuted at Robert Meyer Burnett's "At The Drive In" panel in Hall H. Soon after, the filmmakers put this eight minute preview up on YouTube for everyone else to enjoy. You might spy J. Michael Straczynski in there, discussing what it was like to try and write a kid's show with a bunch of toymakers trying to scare the crap out of children on a daily basis.

"Toy Masters" looks like it's the sort of documentary like "King of Kong" that eventually shows one side or the other in a debate as almost completely shithouse crazy. From the trailer, I'm guessing the film is going to serve to make Filmation look like the good people they are, and the Mattel creators as backbiting and spiteful. It's interesting to me that Roger Sweet and Mark Taylor continue to argue about who created/named He-Man, while Alan Oppenheimer points out that the actors involved in the cartoon were shorted on residuals. It makes me ask why the toy guys are fighting about who actually created the character. Is there some billion-dollar prize to the winner? Or is Mattel sitting this one out because, y'know, they don't really give a shit, they already made their profits?

Anyway, this news from Comic-Con is just a way for me to share with you the absolute best version of 4-Non Blondes' "What's Up?" song (which I loathe,) as sung by Prince Adam:

The full version of the video is available at Slackcircus, a post production studio based in Fort Worth, Texas. I have no idea why they decided to combine these two things, but their caption says it was "Experiment in 2D animation, remixing, compositing and harnessing the raw power of dance."

Recently, a link went around on the twittersverse asking people to visit Black Acre Brewing's website and click on the "I am under 21" link. The Easter Egg surprise was, you got the He-Man video above. I asked the guys to explain what exactly they were thinking when they did this:

When Justin was working on the website, he decided we needed a 21 and under link, so he showed it to Jordan to see if the code worked properly. Jordan had just seen the video on Reddit, so he told Justin to throw it in there as a lark. We had it up there for a few weeks before someone posted it up to Reddit. That night we were getting text messages left and right telling us that we hit the front-page. We had so many hits that it destroyed our site, and we had to spend an hour or so on the phone trying to work it out. And then like a month later it gets posted again, which has been hilarious on our end. The funniest thing about it is that most kids under 21 have probably never heard of He-Man or the 4 Non-Blondes.

A full interview with the guys at Black Acre is forthcoming. For now, enjoy your Grayskull-powered day.

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Thanks for posting the video from our movie preview. I love the Dustin Diamond pic!

That He-Man video is the best thing ever. My favorite part is when Skeletor joins in. Awesome.