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Darth Vader Helmet Challenge!

"Oh! Your helmet is so... big..."

Halloween is having an Art Contest. Submit your name, a sample of your work, and/or a portfolio link, and they will pick 25 artists to "create an original art piece using an authentic replica Darth Vader helmet." Not only are there cash prizes for first, second, and third place, all 25 artists picked get a $150 credit at just for participating. Plus, the 25 finished helmets will be auctioned off for Midwest Art Catalyst (a program that supports local artists and musicians) and The Miracle League (which helps disabled kids participate in softball.)

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(Geektress hats still available in the Store.)

We were contacted by Stephanie from, who said: "I’d really love to get more female artists involved, especially female artists who appreciate sci-fi and the rest of the universe of geekdom." That sounds like a lot of our readers. In the interest of disclosure, I will admit I have signed up, myself. It's a contest that sounds like a blast if you get picked.

The artists get to rock out the helmet as they see fit (from Steampunk to classical art.) You don't have to worry about shipping or finding a Darth Vader helmet, Halloween Costumes does that for you. And you get to help out two charities in the process. You can enter consideration now to be one of the 25 artists: just go to their site and fill out the form. It took me about two minutes.

This contest of course reminds me of events in the past for Star Wars Celebration. Last year at Celebration V, the 501st had a Stormtrooper Helmet event that brought together cast, crew, and Star Wars artists to decorate Stormtrooper helmets. They were auctioned off for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Photo by Bonnie Burton for

In 2007, The Vader Project was at Celebration IV. It was 100 Vader helmets, all decorated by artists like Shag and Paul Frank. They weren't auctioned for charity, but it was a traveling display of Vader helmets that went everywhere from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

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