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Star Trek Is Back In Comics


Star Trek comics are nothing new. Since almost the beginning of the original series, many different companies have produced Star Trek comics -- including DC and Marvel -- with the very first comics being written by creators like Len Wein. There have been comic strips, and an animated series. In fact, the only Star Trek variation that hasn't had a comic book spinoff is Enterprise. Poor Enterprise. So misunderstood. So Bakula.

Anyway, the newest version of Trek in the funny books is going to start in September from IDW Publishing, and is going to feature the new, young, alternate timeline cast from the J.J. Abrams film. Abrams' producing partner Robert Orci will be in charge of the series, which will:

...explore the vast implications of the alternate timeline created by the film in a new, monthly, ongoing comics series.

The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue with the new cast from the film as they embark on missions that re-imagine the stories from the original television series, along with new threats and characters never seen before.

Mike Johnson and artist Stephen Molnar will be behind this new series, which leads up to the Star Trek movie sequel. The series kicks off with a dramatic new envisioning of The Original Series second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Issue #1 will feature covers from Tim Bradstreet and David Messina, plus four rare photo covers. It'll be $3.99, 32 pages, full color.

Brenda: The way some of this is worded, it sounds like they're just re-doing some of the original series with the new cast, which can't be right. Maybe it's just a CYA in case some of the comics are a little too similar to old stories?

Laura: I think that's an interesting concept though, seeing how some of the major events from the original timeline might happen in the new timeline. Immediately I can think of a few episodes that would make for good stories. "Amok Time," for example, would play out quite a bit differently in light of Spock and Uhura's relationship. The only one they mention specifically is the pilot though, which I wouldn't think would have to be different at all. It would be pretty tedious if that was all the series was though.

Brenda: I can't imagine why it really matters that it's "the new cast," since they were cast with the original actors in mind. Unless they're doing that photorealistic stuff, which I don't like.

Laura: I don't think it's about it being the new cast, but about it being the new timeline. the plot of the movie was that Romulan Eric Bana went back in time and changed things, like causing Kirk's dad's death. It created an alternate universe, with a separate timeline, so now everything is happening differently for the characters, like how they came together as a crew.

Brenda: Yeah, but as far as storytelling goes, it's still the same characters. It's not like they're going to call him New Spock or Parallel Kirk or something. So it's sort of like they're just doing a reboot, because the crew is essentially the same, but with minor tweaks to the origins. Except Vulcan being all implodes up, of course.

Laura: I think the changes were significant enough that they behave a bit differently though, and their relationships with each other are certainly different. Kirk didn't even learn how to win a fight... or get his shirt torn so he has to take it off. Basically, it frees the writers up to use a lot of the characters that guest starred on the original series -- they can meet the crew for the first time in completely different ways.

Who knows how having a crazy Romulan lurking in space affected having mining planets way on the outskirts of space? Maybe they didn't, which would mean that Harvey Mudd would have had to deal in something other than mail order brides and weird pills that temporarily made girls look prettier. He could've just went into straight up prostitution.

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Why are we covering IDW's Star Trek comics instead of IDW's Godzilla kicks where he eats children?

Why are we covering IDW's Star Trek comics instead of IDW's Godzilla comics where he eats children?

Obviously it's because I didn't know Godzilla was eating children. I will try to check them out.


I just went through my emails to see why I didn't get a press release for "Godzilla Eats Children." There was something from last December called "King of Monsters," though. If that is the same title, clearly their PR email writer should be fired.