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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Starting tomorrow, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights will be out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Like Batman: Gotham Knights, the WB Animated release is a series of vignettes. This time they're about Hal Jordan and the Lantern Corps, and are designed to lead up to Warner Bros.'s release of Green Lantern next Friday.

However, you can download the movie right now at on-demand sites, or via your cable provider. You can also check out a buttload of special online features via the "I Am Green Lantern" site. You can create custom profile banners and pictures for Facebook, and unlock an exclusive video clip and downloads.

The animated feature stars Nathan Fillion as Hal, and through flashback shorts, tells the story of the Lantern Corps. After the jump we have a clip with Kilowog (played by Henry Rollins,) and an interview with Rollins and Nathan Fillion. (Plus, more photos!)

Among the superhero role play games of your childhood, did you ever pretend you were the Green Lantern?

Nathan Fillion: As a child, when you're pretending you're different super heroes, Green Lantern was the easiest because all you needed to light the fire in the imagination was the ring. Superman, you need a cape; Spiderman, you need a full face mask. That wasn’t tough to come by in a winter town like where I’m from, but they’re just too hot to wear in the summer. So to be Green Lantern, all you needed to do is suck a lifesaver down to the right size, and to make sure it's a lime one – slip it on your finger, and you were good.

What is it about Green Lantern that most appeals to you?

Nathan Fillion: As a kid, what I liked about Green Lantern was that he could do anything – anything you could think of. It's like “Wow, all I need is a giant mallet, or a catapult circa 1200s,” and suddenly he had it. I just thought that would be pretty cool to have anything you could kind of imagine. Imagination was always a big thing for me.

Between Firefly and Green Lantern, you seem to spend a lot of acting time in space. Did you ever have desires to be an actual astronaut?

Nathan Fillion: I fear space the same way I fear drowning. I would think it would be a little bit claustrophobic. Sure, you have the vastness of space, but yet you're probably going to be in some kind of little miniature (capsule) and, you know, anything could go wrong. I mean. if you're scuba diving, let's say you're 10 feet underwater – if something goes terribly, terribly wrong, you've got 10 feet to swim to the surface, and you're good. If you're in space, you're boned. That's like being in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. Uh-oh … Oops. (he laughs) Things you don't want to hear in space or in submarines: “Oops.”

You have been seen – on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, walking around Comic-Con on a Saturday, at your initial Green Lantern recording session – wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt. Did you own that shirt before being cast as Hal Jordan for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights?

Nathan Fillion: Debbie Zoller is the head of my makeup department on Castle. She saw that fan-made Green Lantern trailer and thought the t-shirt would be an appropriate Christmas present. And I wholeheartedly agree with her. I’ve been known to wear a few superhero shirts… and where better than a Green Lantern recording session to wear it today? So thank you Debbie – I told you it would come in handy someday!

What was your approach to Kilowog?

Henry Rollins: The character for me wasn't all that hard to find. He's not a complex guy. He takes his orders, he gives his orders, he knows right and wrong. He takes care of bad guys and keeps people alive. On that level, his life is pretty simple. Little backstory in that he's married with a kid, or married with a kid on the way in the flashback sequence, gives him a little bit of "Aww, he's got a gal." But past that, man, he's up at 5am, clap pushups and on to the dining facility. So there was not a lot of subtlety involved, but we managed to find some nice little moments.

What do you think you have in common with the character?

Henry Rollins: We both have gruff voices, can bark commands in a Hemingway-esque declarative way. I pay a lot of salaries, and my name is in front of a lot of stuff which holds responsibility for other people. Rollins band -- there's people who come to me for a paycheck, come to me for their instruction. I have a company, I have employees. People say "What are we doing today?" Well, we're doing what I say we're going to do. To be able to mete out that instruction, yet be a friend in all of that and keep the respect mutual -- going both ways -- which is of the greatest importance, is a thing I learned out of necessity. So when I saw Kilowog, I went "Sure. I understand."

For me, Kilowog is a man who's pure of heart. He's a warrior, he's a soldier. He loves his rookies, looks out for them, the way Deegan --- the guy who broke him in, in bootcamp -- brought him in to a command position. So Kilowog came up through the ranks by being brave and being a take-charge leader. In the episode that I'm in, he saw the leadership idea from the get-go. He's with other recruits and immediately takes the leadership position. So I think that he's a good guy, but that he always knew he'd be running things.

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This clip shows Deegan and Kilowog during that bootcamp flashback. Don't forget to check out Emerald Knights in stores tomorrow everywhere, or download it early tonight!

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