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Double Feature Robots!


In March, we told you about the launch of Double Feature Comics. Since April, Four Star Studios have been launching a double feature, downloadable digital comic book for $0.99.

This month's feature is "Science Fiction," featuring a story by Four Star's Joshua Emmons (with art by Joe Song,) and one from Robbi Rodriguez.

Radbots is a story-within-a-story. A kid named Max is about to get the snot beaten out of him, and holds off his bullies by telling a tale of Radbots. Radbots were watching their favorite show, a re-broadcast of an old Earth program that is pretty much Transformers, when the satellite showing the cartoon is knocked out, cutting their feed. The Radbots, thinking it was a live feed of a real struggle between two other types of robots, race to Earth to try and help "Leaderbot" defeat "Megabot," only to find no such thing is really happening here.


So as you can imagine, they stay, learn to love The Bangles, and help stop a renegade satellite that destroys Columbus. (Thanks a lot, Emmons. Remind me to destroy your house in the next thing I do.) I loved it, not just for the pink robot Radpod, but because I love robots. And, there was no Robot Council of Jesus ending (Michael Bay, I'm looking at you,) to confuse the shit out of everyone.


The next story, Kayross, I don't entirely understand. It's the story of a guy named Money, who is "an intellectual property thief." (There were a couple of misspellings that proved distracting to me, that probably only added to the confusion.) This one may take a couple of re-reads, but it's worth it for the amazing artwork from Robbi Rodriguez.

The cool thing about downloading the PDF for Double Feature comics is that, even though you're not running it on your iPad (and therefore don't have access to the "extras" that come with the Double Feature app,) they include bonus drawings for you:


Okay, I really liked Radbots. I don't know how this is a surprise, though. (Robots!)

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