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Doctor Who? And Other Questions

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On June 4th, the BBC aired the seventh episode of Doctor Who series six, "A Good Man Goes to War." It was part one of a two parter, the last episode before the show goes on a mid-season hiatus. The second half of the two parter (and series six) is set to air in September. (And that episode is entitled "Let's Kill Hitler," so it's bound to be full of laughs.)

After the jump, Francene has some thoughts on the "A Good Man Goes to War." Obviously it is spoilery if you haven't seen the episode.

I have had a problem this season with them using the Amy opening, it has been driving me crazy.

A lot of people have likened this incarnation as Cat in the Hat meets Dr Who, and I can see that, especially the focus on him being Amy's imaginary pal. I found this finale to be more confusing than anything. It reminds me of the Dallas finale where Bobby is alive and it was all just a dream.

The real Amy was somewhere else? Come on. Does this negate the whole thing? Please kill Rory for good, as is the rumor, because we now have too many characters in the soup. A new companion is in order.

Eh, whatever, I dont really watch it or anything. :)

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Comments (3)

I actually like the new opening but do hope they move onto a new companion after this season before it gets into a Rose is always around sort of thing.

The weird thing about Doctor Who is that season finally is nowhere as confusing as some stories from the past. Not saying that's a good thing but its a thing :)

I agree, it is going into Rose territory, and I really am not fond of that whole tangent. I think the confusion is just a symptom of my frustration with all the 2 part episodes, and that there were so many "this means that! It was there the whole time!" sort of stuff. I love it, but my brain is tired. :)


I quite like Amy and the opening. And I love Rory and the whole "married couple" on the Tardis. It gives a new Dynamic to Doctor Who rather than the ol' "pretty young lady pining after the Doctor".

And I think that with the way this ended and the big reveal, Amy and Rory will not be companions for much longer.

I have seen many other episodes and finales that were far more confusing to me.
I think the hardest part for this one was just trying to remember where all of the warriors had come from in the Doctor's past.
But what do I know, I was crying half the time, ha.

The whole "it was there the whole time" is from Stephen Moffat - he's a big fan of that and shoves it in wherever he can. It's been happening for years in Doctor Who.
It's meant to make you have to think about things and make you want to go back and re-watch to see what you missed that is so obvious now.