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One Of Us Is A New Geek Mom


Today Nova Larsen Katrowski was born at 3:46 pm, 21 inches long, 10 pounds 14 ounces. To quote Rania, "I sure can fuckin' grow 'em!"

Funnily enough, she was born via c-section, making the following birth announcement we wrote, moot.


Brenda: What'd you get at your Baby Shower that was awesome? Did you get a crib that's shaped like a rocket? That should exist.

Rania: That SHOULD exist. I got an E.T. onesie. That was awesome. We got a lot of stuff with pink skulls on it. Do you think it would be too much if my baby announcement cards said, "Hey, look who finally came out of my vagina!"?

Brenda: HA HA HA HA

Rania: At the very least, a Facebook status update.

Brenda: Now I have the image of you handing your phone to your doctor and being like "Would you mind filming the birth? I'm sending this to Ustream. TOP THAT, CHARLIE SHEEN."

Rania: HAHAHA! "That vagina's a winner!"

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Comments (4)


OMGBABY! Congrats, Rania!!!!!


Congratulations Rania! She is beautiful (and I love the name)!
Well to Geektress child!


That's supposed to say Welcome to Geektress child!

I'm going to bed now...

Congratulations Rania (and dad) and a huge hug for lil Nova. Hey, just realised it's like new and star - the beginning and the end. Either I've just woken up or I'm on drugs.
(Shit, I'm late. Hope it's the drugs.)
Huuuuugs xxx