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Not Your Average Cosplay: Recycled Vintage

Photo by Chanh Tang.

While we were at C2E2 this year, we saw a woman who had fashioned a snazzy straight-line skirt out of DC superhero fabric. We thought it was a clever way to dress for a convention without having to invest time and money in gobs of face paint or painstakingly handcrafted props.

I never realized that using superhero print fabric -- usually bed sheets -- could make such an interesting departure from traditional cosplay. But Francene brought to my attention Meagan Marie's website, where fashion really met comic con for a day last summer.

Meagan and her friends Jessika Malic, Ashley Hay, and Jill Pantozzi all modeled 50's inspired dresses made of Star Wars, Transformers, Dick Tracy, and DC character sheets. Meagan found her DC heroes print on Ebay. She brought the fabric to a designer friend who took it from there.

What gave you the idea to do the retro housewife look?

I enjoyed the retro feel of the fabrics, and thought it would be fun to throw back even further to a 40s/50s style look. The dresses were debuted at SDCC in 2010, so going for the pinup/housewife look made them feel thematic or costume-like in honor of the event!

What kind of notes did you give to the designer -- did she come up with stuff like the Wonder Woman logo sash/belt on her own?

I love and trust the designer's work, as she is a friend of mine, so I gave her free reign to design the dress as she wanted. I had the Wonder Woman logo from an official DC costume, which I removed in order to build a proper breastplate. I gave it to her in case it could be integrated, and she found the perfect way to go about it.

Why did you decide to go this untraditionally cosplay-sy route with the dresses? Have you seen this sort of thing before?

I hadn't really seen anything similar before, but again, I liked the thematic approach because cosplaying at SDCC is a favorite pastime for my friends and I. It seemed a proper approach!

You're a big fan of traditional cosplay, too. Who's your favorite character to dress as?

That's a hard one, but I've perhaps had the most fun dressed up as Top Cow's Magdalena or Borderlands' Mad Moxxi. I'm working on a Gears of War costume, too, which I expect will be a blast to tromp around in.

Would you like to see more whimsical comic book fans / geek girls dressing like this outside of conventions?

I enjoy seeing comic fans express themselves in unique ways, so yes, I'd love to see more superhero fashion spill out onto the streets. :)

Meagan's dresses were designed by Samantha Rei of Blasphemina's Clost, for San Diego Comic Con 2010. Photos by LJinto.

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Comments (3)

Anthony Mark:

Meagan is such an outstanding Cosplayer
I truly love all her work
She brings our favorite Costumes out of the virtual world and into the real world


I've seen corsets made out of sheets like this for years, it's cool to see another use for them. Very well made too. Awesome.


I've never seen the corsets! Now I will have to go Googling.