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iZombie: Voted Most Stylish Zombie Comic

(Click to embiggen, cover for Issue 3)

A few weeks ago as we were podcasting, I remarked to Laura that more people should read iZombie, because of all the cute outfits.

"There are a lot of cute outfits," she replied.

"Yes," I said. "It's probably the most stylish comic book out there on shelves."

iZombie is a series created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. It stars Gwen, a purple skinned, blue haired zombie (no one seems to notice the skin and hair) who passes her days working in a graveyard, and at night she solves mysteries. Every once in a while she has to stave off her undead instincts by eating a brain, always of the recently deceased (because nattering around moaning "braaaains" looking for someone to bite is SO 1968.)

When she ingests that grey matter, she gets all of the previously alive person's memories, which usually involve either who killed the brain's owner, or unresolved issues they had when they died. Gwen works out a lot of these problems just to get the deceased's voice out of her head. Along the way she has the help of Ellie (a ghost) and Scott (Spot, the Were-Terrier.) She's also aided by a mummy, is dating a potential enemy (a monster hunter named Horatio, who doesn't realize she's a zombie), and has yet to discover her friend Spot is harboring a fugitive chimp, possessed by the soul of his dead grandfather.

Also, there are vampires. And a Frankenstein monster college professor. And a guy with an eyepatch.

To say the least, it's a fun comic. But like all great new series, this one has a look all its own. At times it plays with color (done beautifully by Laura Allred), and of course, there are the cute outfits. You may wonder how a zombie like Gwen has time to be a painter, a detective, a gravedigger, and a fashion maven, but considering she's apparently not the only supernatural being in Eugene, Oregon with a closet full of fantastic clothes and accessories, I don't question it.

From the Bride of Frankenstein to even Horatio with his standard vampire-hunting-uniform, the Allreds manage to make even lab coats look sexy. Hell, even Gwen looks sexy in her painter's smock or her cemetery jumpsuit. And I don't even know how Ellie manages to find so many different ghost dresses. She was a sheltered kid growing up in the 60s, you wouldn't think she'd remember so many variations on "mod."

The following are a selection of the fashion of iZombie, from issues one through thirteen. The comic is out in two trades right now (that collects 1 - 12), Vol. 1: Dead to the World, and Vol. 2: uVampire. If you have been shy about picking it up because you're not in to zombie comics, please do. If you don't usually read comics, try this one out.

I love the short skirts. I love the bright colors. I love the layers. I love how Gwen has so many shirts with skulls on them. I love everything there is to love about iZombie.

Of interesting note to me, the other Chris Roberson penned comic that I read is Cinderella, the Fables Cindy is also impeccably dressed, with an amazing sense of style to match her flashy life as a super secret spy. Is it possible that Roberson's writing lends itself to the drawing of cute outfits? I'd like to think it's highly likely.

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Comments (2)

Why am i not reading this book? I love Michael Allred, i love zombies...and i obviously love fashion.

Patty Boots:

Okay, I have to pick this up. She's the best-dressed undead lady since Chuck Charles.