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Best / Worst Dressed Villains

Well, we picked on the good guys -- now it's time to pick on the baddies. Instead of voting this time around (that's way too democratic for villains) we simply nominated our picks in each category and then argued about it.

102jk.jpg Brenda: I nominate The Joker for best dressed, as according to The Dark Knight, his clothing is apparently all bespoke. Although, going by Carey's previous assertion that a man must have a face to improve his clothing choices (?), I suppose Carey would REALLY like Two Face.
101ttf.jpg Laura: I always liked Two Face's look on the animated series, with the black and white suit. I appreciate a villain who looks dapper, yet whimsical.
Carey: Yes, Two Face looks good. He should give one of his faces to The Question and then I can vote him best dressed hero.

101dd.jpg Laura: Best dressed is Dr. Doom. Armor is always fashionable, as are tunics and capes. He's all class.
Brenda: I do love green. His look sort of reminds me of Robin Hood, if Robin Hood could bench press the entire band of merry men.
Laura: Shooting beams out of the palms of your hand is way more effective than bows and arrows.

Carey: I have always liked The Hellfire Club. I'm a total sucker for Victorian retro. Emma Frost was way hot when she was with them. I like my lady bad guys to have the dominatrix look - meow! And, other than Sebastian Shaw's mutton chops, I think he looks quite dapper. I'd let him take me out to dinner dressed like that.
Laura: The Hellfire Club always looked goofy to me. They were supposed to be sexy, right? It was a sex club. Mostly I just wanted to give them all hair cuts.
Brenda: It was a sex club? A villainous sex club? I'd expect a lot more leather, then. But as a concept, the victorian look combined with chess isn't totally without merit. I bet it'd be cool if it were updated as a steampunk sort of concept. Only, you know, actual steampunk.

101km.jpg Brenda: For worst dressed, I really want to say Killer Moth. The one with the orange stripey tights. I know he came first but it really looks like he's trying to rip off The Monarch's costume except the only thing he had to work with were his nine year old daughter's clothes. (Yes, I picked all Batman villains, what of it, he's got a rogue's gallery fantastic in its insanity.)
Laura: Clearly he is color blind, or otherwise impaired. It's not nice to make fun of people with disabilities, Brenda.
Brenda: Are moths color blind? It would make life so much better for them if they had no idea that butterflies were rubbing it in their face all the time.

101ms.jpg Laura: Worst dressed is Mr. Sinister. He's like Goth gone horribly wrong.
Brenda: He looks like he's about to rake my yard. Maybe he's got a side gig as a landscaper?
Laura: I never understand much of what happens with Mr. Sinister. I think he's a Victorian Era geneticist, but that doesn't really explain the outfit.
Carey: He also gives off this "fabulous" vibe. I feel like he'd be more inclined to accompany me to Bergner's than steal my DNA for nefarious ends.

102mj.jpg Carey: Worst dressed male - Mojo, simply because he's kind of naked and would benefit from any scrap of clothing. Anything at all. For the love of god, put him in a plastic bag even. Would it kill him to look a little nice? Maybe he wouldn't have so many problems with his damn television network if he showed up to meetings with a tie.
Laura: I kind of admire the fact that Mojo just doesn't give a fuck. No he won't wear clothes, or use his legs, thank you very much.
Brenda: I don't know who this character is, but when I Google for him I get a bunch of images that are just a blobby guy in a hot tub.

102gl.jpg Carey: I give second place to Galactus. I have a hard time fearing him with his purple/pink/blue color combo and that ridiculous headdress.
Laura: Galactus is awesome. If a giant dude in short pants came to eat your world you would be shitting yourself. Also, it's probably really hard to get clothes in his size. Mojo too, for that matter.
Brenda: I think the only thing I would change is the size of the helmet. I'm just not a fan of the headgear with big pointy spikes. I am constantly seeing people getting stuck in doorways. Very un-evil-like.

Laura: Are we picking on women too?
Brenda: I couldn't think of any women right off the bat.
Laura: I can't think of anything for worst dressed woman. I don't know villains as well as heroes. They were never my thing. If we made Loki best dressed and Mr. Sinister worst dressed, that would automatically cover both genders, since they have recently been women.
Brenda: Thor would have been a much better movie with a transgendered person playing Loki. Or maybe just a female impersonator. Then we could have had Ice Giant Drag Queens.

101wn.jpg Carey: For best dressed lady, Winnowil from the ElfQuest books. She was dead hot in all that velvet and ermine with the feathers. You can kind of tell that this character and her look were created in the 70s, but I think it holds up quite well. She was also gorgeous before she went all evil. I can't find a good picture of that but back then she wore colors other than black.
Laura: Well, yeah. I can understand why she would be more beautiful before she was evil. Being evil is really bad for your skin.
Brenda: I still don't understand the appeal of everyone wearing the dresses with the giant slit up the side. To me that just says Elvira Mistress of the Dark. However, I'm loving her headdress. I'm not familiar with the character but it totally looks like the fantastical elf element mixed with traditional native style elements.
Carey: Winnowill is probably Elvira's contemporary. She was created in the mid-70s. All the feathers and shit are because she comes from a clan of elves that fly giant birds. Currently, she's shapeshifted to a nasty mermaid version of herself with gills and algae growing all over her boobs. I like her better like this.

101mor.jpg Laura: For best dressed female villain, I would nominate DC's Morgaine le Fey. She's got that fantastic Jack Kirby mask.
Brenda: Oh, you know what? In Madam Xanadu, spoiler, she's Madam Xanadu's sister, and of course since that comic was kind of not good, she looks like a fuckin hippie:


Brenda: An evil hippie, but still.
Laura: That sucks. Jack Kirby's design is so much cooler, as is always the case. It's possible I just have a thing for villains in armor, created by Jack Kirby. (Also, it's Morgaine Le Fey at DC, but Morgan Le Fay at Marvel. Marvel's doesn't wear armor, but she was Doom's magic teacher / booty call.)

102ds.jpg Carey: Worst dressed female - Lady Deathstrike. She looks like she's wearing a full body catcher's apron. Are they called aprons? Girlfriend also needs to do something with her hair. The headpiece looks like Ghengis Kahn. Is that red stuff even hair? Is her hair hiding? I bet she would like very pretty if she just loosened up a bit. She could also benefit from a set of adamantium nail clippers. She's out of control.
Laura: Yeah, Lady Deathstrike is a hot mess. I never knew what was going on with her hair either. Maybe she just needed a good conditioner.
Brenda: Holy hell. Tell me she got a redesign after the X-Men movie appearance. The all-black vinyl look is better than this nonsense.


Laura: The best dressed villain couple was Lex Luthor and Robo-Lois. They always had flawless outfits for whatever they were doing.
Brenda: I love Robo-Lois's look here, especially. Was this sort of like how in Smallville, whenever Lana went evil she immediately had better ideas about hair and makeup?
Laura: Lex Luthor probably just programmed her to have a better sense of style. Why just make a copy when you can make improvements?

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Despero (jauntily) wearing the UN flag as a cape was hot. Also, Hela is the best-dressed female in the marvel universe. Love the Final Crisis Darkseid's look.