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Batman: The Brave and the Buxom

This month on Brave And The Bold, Batman teams up with Green Lantern to help him kick the snot out of some robo-babes.

Haha, not really. Well, sort of. The Zamarons sort of look like pink cyborg Amazons to me, though. So this episode will apparently tell the story of Star Sapphire, who I'm not actually that familiar with because I'm not much of a Green Lantern fan. But after the jump, Hal Jordan is going to tell you all about it, and then Batman is going to beat the crap out of a bunch of Zamarons while Star Sapphire yells at Green Lantern to be less of a wussy. Also, Wonder Woman for some reason (the press release did not explain.)

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“Scorn of the Star Sapphire!” airs Friday, May 27th at 6:30 pm (EST) on Cartoon Network. It's curious that usually we get our press stuff for Brave and the Bold the day something airs, but this is almost a month early. Maybe because Wonder Woman has never guest starred on the show before? And, according to Laura, the show usually has Guy Gardner on, Hal Jordan has only appeared as a guest star in the episode "The Eyes of Despero!", which guest starred all the other Lanterns. (Laura: That was where I learned that the only Green Lantern I like is G'Nort.)

At any rate, enjoy these pretty pictures of Batman and Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in action. Tune in May 20th to find out just what in tarnation is going on here.

And, enjoy this extra clip where Batman gets his robo-winged action on.

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I have been a huge Green lantern fan for years, and I have loved their appearances in Brave and the bold, the episode with Guy, G'nort and Mogo was one of my favorites, so I am pretty stoked about this! as far as star sapphire goes, the more you know about her past the more ridiculous she is; fortunately Geoff Johns recently streamlined it nicely.