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Wonder Woman: Choose Your Adventure

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We were at C2E2 the weekend the first photos of the new Wonder Woman tv costume hit the webs. We thought it looked kind of cheap and tacky, but weren't too worried about how it would look on film (the PR photos always look terrible.) Then the other pictures were released, and the costume was less shiny and the boots were red and goody hooray, Wonder Woman with stars and spangles and a lasso!

However, the point isn't really what she's wearing, it never really is. The point is: Is the story good? Is the character written honestly?

From what we'd seen and heard about the original pilot script: No. In it, Diana had not one, but TWO alter-egos (confusing!). She spent most of her time pining over a guy (ew! We've already seen Sex And The City.) She liked to sing along to pop songs (cute), all the friggin' time (unless this is Glee... honey no.) She was only going to appear on-screen in the costume for a few minutes total in the entire first episode (we later found out why: Prostitute Princess.)

But those complaints about the writing only really spun around the internet for a few hours the day that the script was leaked. Soon, it was right back to "Good, she needs to cover up" "Stars are too patriotic" "She needs a jacket" "She's too sexy" "She's not sexy enough" "She needs straps" "Bring back the high heels" "Get rid of the high heels" "[Adrianne Palicki's] face is too soft and pudgey." (Yes, seriously, that was a criticism.)

ww-doll-bizness.jpgOkay, time out here. I know that there are people who for some reason include themselves as "fans" of Wonder Woman, even though they don't read the comics, they never watched the tv show, and they haven't seen any (or much) of the cartoons. I don't understand those people, but they exist in droves. It's fine if you love the character even if you have no idea who she really is... I guess... That popularity means we'll still have Wondie stuff to enjoy in the future, probably. But when you put your ideas about what Wonder Woman should be wearing out there in the world, you should take in to consideration your lack of knowledge.

It's okay to have an opinion about the clothes. If you think the new costume is ugly -- congratulations, I agree with you. Even if I didn't, if your opinion was based solely on appearance, then hooray, we don't have a problem. I have a problem when people say stupid shit like this:

[From NPR] You would not run to catch a bus in that top, unless you crossed your arms over your chest the whole way there. [sic] I am only thinking of you. And, of course, the possibility that you will fail to defeat Circus-Face because you will be stuck on a sidewalk with your boot heel in a street grate while you yank on your bustier... If this is how we all go down, I'm blaming your wardrobe.

This is not an opinion about an outfit any more. There is the implication that Wonder Woman would be so self-conscious about her body that she would stop to adjust her costume before she would save someone. This is a complete misinterpretation of the character. Wonder Woman would run in to a burning building naked if it meant saving innocent lives.

Laura: That's actually the cool thing about Wonder Woman, she would run around naked if she had to. She just doesn't care. I think that's part of what makes her an inspiration, she's so confident and comfortable with herself. What she's wearing is just completely unimportant. She doesn't wear her costume to be sexy. She just wears it because it is what she wears. I think that's the point a lot of people miss about her, including a lot of artists. She's sexy, but she's not trying to be sexy.

As you can see, I can sometimes get pretty pissed off about Wonder Woman. And, much with the current "alternate parallel elseworld dimension reality whose-it" story we have in the comics, my problems with the costume could easily be mitigated by really good writing. When you take away that, sometimes all we have left to talk about are shoes and hair.

The thing is, I really can't think of any other superhero whose attire has gotten so much attention in the past few years. Sure, we were all up in arms about the new Batman suit, but that's because it also photographed poorly. On film, it was great. (Of course, no matter how dumb the promo photo looked, it never came across like Hooker Batman.) Is it just because she's a woman? Is it because she's misunderstood?

At the very end of the convention, Ryan Dunlavey tweeted this sketch of Wonder Woman shopping and I nearly lost my shit during the Comic Book Queers panel. So I figured: Diana is a woman of discretion and (presumably) better fashion sense than she's been portrayed as having lately. Why not put out a line of paper dolls that will allow people to help her pick and choose the perfect outfit? I mean, since everyone is such a goddamned critic.

Click to embiggen, print out, whatevs.

By the way, the stunt double had no trouble running in a bustier without straps. AND jumping over cars. Just sayin'.

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