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Wish List Wednesday: The Galaxy Far Away Edition


Alternate title: Nerds Be Shoppin'!!

I just went through my Amazon Wish List last night, because I was adding a couple of Star Wars things to the list and noticed my list has quite a few Star Wars things. It's almost embarrassing how skewed my geek preferences are. Top of the list is obviously the Original Trilogy Blu-Ray, which is on sale for pre-order at $44.99. I, uh, might be buying that right this second actually, that's $25 off the list price. (You can watch the preview trailer here.)

The reason I even noticed all the Star Wars stuff, however, is because someone brought to my attention that Amazon had a replica of Luke Skywalker's ceremonial jacket from A New Hope, and it even comes with an officially licensed Medal Of Yavin. It'll set you back $133, though. (Which is apparently a $140 discount, thanks Amazon! You are the Walmart of the web.) Now I will be spending the next few weeks deciding if I need to buy a new ridiculous jacket in time for the summer. I wonder how warm it is? I wonder if I can wear it to sleep at night? I wonder if it comes with a little Droid. And a space ship. And a hot sister NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG. (Completely helpful photo illustration by Amazon user Jose R. Carrillo.)

Of course I will eventually be purchasing Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book, because I am crafty and like Star Wars. It includes over forty projects, one of which better be a guide to making baby Banthas, or I am sending it right back. (It's $12.82 at Amazon right now.)


I am sad to announce that the ridiculously expensive Mos Eisley Cantina Bookends that grace my wish list are currently unavailable. They were really, really expensive. A more affordable option would be the Trash Compactor Bookends, which sell for $168 and are useful even if you hate books. (You could put several copies of the Blu-Ray discs in there, for instance.) Personally I have plenty of Star Wars paperbacks I could fill this puppy with.

Okay... so, I need some feedback here. I've been trying to decide if I should kick this off my wish list or not. Designer Paul Harckham created a shirt combining the Death Star and Converse shoes. On the one hand, it's a pretty cool redesign of the logo and play on "All Star." On the other hand, when I think of Converse, I think of an All-American company that produced sturdy inexpensive shoes that had mass appeal, a company that was taken over by a soulless corporation that produces an inferior copy of the original product and sells it at a considerable markup. Does that say "Empire" to you? I guess it sort of does, if the Death Star were the sort of fully operational spacestation that used baby Ewoks to build its planet-exploding lasers.

Anyway, Death Star Cookie Jar. It's exclusive to the Star Wars shop, and saying that, I think you can get it at ThinkGeek, too. It's $49.99, and I really shouldn't have to explain why it's awesome and I need it.


Speaking of ThinkGeek, for $99.99 they have a Wampa Throw Rug that makes me laugh. I actually have one in my office right now, but he's not in his forever home. Some day -- specifically, September 25th 2011 -- he'll find a place to stay permanently. We'll be raffling him off at Detroit Fanfare, so if you're in the Detroit area that weekend, stop by the show, see our booth, buy some raffle tickets, and meet Peter Weller. Peter Weller won't be at our booth.... that we know of... but he'll be at the show and possibly he'll be unveiling the Robocop statue that weekend. OR SO I SORT OF HEARD if I was not supposed to reveal that secret IGNORE ME!

Speaking of Hoth, the Galactic Heroes line put out an AT-AT playset that just rocks my shit out. This guy knows what I'm talking about, he took pictures of his in the snow. It even lights up and makes sounds and stuff. There's a compartment that opens and a speeder bike with a Storm Trooper spills out. It's cute. I must have it, and yet gas is $4 a gallon and this thing is $38.71. Maybe if I bought two and put wheels on them, I could skate to work?


This would seem like another no-brainer, the Muppet Star Wars Set. It came out a few years ago but was exclusive to Disney theme parks. Now you can get it on Amazon for $28.99. You can get a set and then act out Swinetrek! Sorta!

Anyway, in conclusion, I present to you a limited edition print of OG-1 Kenobi, by Etsy user "Harshness." He has lots of other 16x24 prints for sale for $25, but this is the one that stole my heart.



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