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Twitter Tuesday: Rock You Like A Quote Machine


Tuesday is a time for keeping your nose to the grindstone. It is a time for contemplation. Often there are donuts, and perhaps also, a slow news day.

Which can only mean: Twitter Tuesday.

We went through some of our favorite tweets from the past, oh, ever. Here are a few that we hope you will enjoy as much as we did, and also as much as two Batmen having a tea party.

Dania: Steven Weber supplied one of my all time favorite tweets: "I thought 'Jesus Christ, this bag of wet laundry is heavy' and it turned out to be Nick Nolte."

Rania: I actually made Steven Weber a hummus sandwich once. It was awkward.

Brenda: Here's a good one from Danforth France: "I love the rain. The fact that it makes people upset is just rain gravy."

Mr. Hashtag, PattyBoom from Comic Book Queers: "I just fought myself on an elevated train in an effort to marry #Superman3 and #BatmanBegins"

Nikki Walter: "I've really got this 'eating an entire package of gummi worms for breakfast to the rhythm of any Curtis Mayfield song' thing down perfectly."


Michelle Doll: "These margaritas are too strong or Land of the Lost is the best movie ever."

Luke Foster: "There's nothing like looking up randomly at the bar and seeing 'The clown is safe for now' on the TV closed captions." (Luke's book "Clockpunchers," which I always read as "Cockpunchers," is finally in print! It's on sale at Indy Planet for $15, check it out.)

And finally, Paul Cornell: 'My creator taught me a song, Dave, would you like to hear it? It's called "Friday".'

By the way, you have until this Sunday to get Paul Cornell's donations up to £2,000. If you do that, we send him a giant battle spoon.

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