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The Eleventh Doctor Rides Again!

This Saturday on BBC America, the sixth season of Doctor Who will kick off with a two-part premiere. Starting at 9pm, you can watch along with fellow Who fans in the UK for the first time since the series re-launch in 2005. No more torrenting!

There has been some speculation as to whether the newest Doctor (#11), as played by Matt Smith, is a bit too young for the role. Steven Moffat was prepared to pick another middle-aged actor for the role when Smith blew them away at auditions. Smith was also key in choosing the current doctor's look, with the signature bow tie. After the jump, we have some cosplayers (some we saw at C2E2, and some that are just cream of the Eleventh crop,) who would agree that bow ties really are cool. (And, actually, fezzes as well!)

Photo by Daniel Solis.
This picture was taken at GenCon 2011. I wish I knew more about the guy, but I just snapped a pic really quick and he ran away. Possibly being chased by awkwardly marching robots. :P

With Doctor Who, the same thing that allows it to go on forever and ever - the Doctor's regenerations - also changes the show irrevocably each time. There is always going to be a period of uncertainty immediately following a regeneration - is the new Doctor going to be likable? Will the actor be able to pull off the character?

Photo by Greta Punch.

Between the fourth season and the fifth, there were special circumstances. We weren't just changing Doctors (and companions), there was such a dramatic break in the show between the reign of Russell T. Davies & Steven Moffat (everything was changed, from the theme and opening, right down to the Tardis and sonic screwdriver) that it felt initially like the show had been completely destroyed and rebuilt in some unfamiliar, unlovable way.

#11 and Amy Pond by Chewxy, #11 with Fez by Mark Clifton

I didn't envy Matt Smith the job he had in getting out from under David Tennant's shadow, nor did I want to like him. But I gave him a chance, because I felt the same way about Tennant when Christopher Eccleston left the show, because I like all that Moffat had previously done with the show, and because hell, it was still Doctor Who.

Photo by #10, Jack O'Brien. #11 is his best friend Hayden King.
I fell in love with Doctor Who some time in 2008. (Which now seems like a long time ago.) The first time I donned the role of The Doctor was at my local convention, Supanova Brisbane in 2009. This was a very makeshift costume but the reaction from that inspired me. As my love increased so did my dedication, I constantly looked at websites that might be able to provide me with the highest quality costume possible, and with a little help and practising in the mirror, it is what you see now. When I don that costume I am the Doctor and I feel very proud.

And then, at the end of Smith's first episode, The Eleventh Hour, was the moment where the little Bowtied Badass truly proved himself as the Doctor, as far as I'm concerned.

Photo by Rich H at C2E2, and an unknown #11 captured by Royal Bakaness.

He is charming and likable, he has that je ne sais quoi that makes him just somehow look like this amorphous Doctor whose looks are constantly changing, and he manages to be excited about the whole big fascinating universe and old and weary at the same time. I love his childlike energy and ADD tendencies, and I love that he is both so full of hope and so visibly tired of seeing people's worst tendencies rule them.

Redheaded #11, Becky Montgomery.
The Doctor always wanted to be a ginger, after all! I'm excited to wear the costume at Dragon*Con this year, with my boyfriend as my Amy Pond, of course!

I hope, in fact, that one reason Moffat hired someone so young for a traditionally more middle-aged role, was to keep an actor in it for longer than 1-3 years. I'd really like to see Smith grow and develop in the role and stick around for a long time.

Photos by Michael C.M. Liu, LJinto, Alan Hufana

So, to Matt Smith, on the occasion of the beginning of his second season: Hello, Sweetie! (And look behind you.)

Multiple Whos by Benjamin Paczak, from Katsucon 16.
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Why are you calling my boyfriend sweetie? Bike racks, after school, be there!


I was only calling him "sweetie" in the River Song sense! Please don't beat me up!


I forgot to say earlier but, as much as I love all the people mentioned in this post, I really really love the female Dr. Whos.


I think that every time a Doctor regenerates it takes time to get used too. My husband still isn't too sure about Smith, but I love him. Matt Smith certainly has proved himself.

If you haven't heard the Nerdist podcast where Chris Hardwick, his gf Janet and Matt Mira geek out with him, you must!
You find that however strange and quirky and odd Smith is as the Doctor, it's all really him! There are absolutely no spoilers but he gives great insight into him and the Doctor.
(I think it's #46 by the way - you can listen to it right from the site.)