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Game of Thrones Food Truck: Tasty!

Last week, the Game of Thrones food truck traveled through New York City, handing out free Westeros-themed food to the first 300 people to show up and partake. This week, it headed out to California, and Geektress reader Chanel Chadock was there every day, trying out every dish.

She graciously agreed to take photos and review the food for us every day. She did not disappoint: there are a ton of photos and more from her adventure. (Quest? Food quest?) FYI, we decided on a on-the-fly one-to-ten rating system of "Dragon Eggs." So hold on to your butts, you're going to get a geek food explosion, after the jump.


King's Landing: Crispy trout with almond butter citrus mostarda, or roasted rabbit doused in honey, scallions and pistachios. Each meal offered this week will also be served with Tom Colicchio's famous lemon cakes.

You can watch Chef Colicchio prepare the dishes here.

Chanel: Day one did not disappoint! I took lots of photos and was able to get both dishes thanks to my lovely mom-in-law who went with me.

The Rabbit was very good...cooked perfectly (which is something considering they are in a truck). For people not familiar with rabbit its a very rich tasting chicken. The stewed pistachios were crisp and a good complement to the rabbit. Rating: 8 out of 10 Dragon Eggs

The trout was also very good, the almond butter citrus mostardo really made the dish but I liked the rabbit better. Rating: 7 of 10

Now, the Lemon Cakes....OMG were they incredible. They were lil' clouds of Lemony Deliciousness! I could eat at least 10 of them in one sitting, and I not even a big lemon fan either. Rating: 10 out of 10 Dragon Eggs (11 even, lol)


All in all it was a great experience, met a lot of friendly fellow fans and the people from the marketing team handling the truck couldn't of been nicer. I look forward to seeing plenty of now familiar faces tomorrow.


The Riverlands: (Leafy meals inspired by the farms of the Riverlands.) Squab with hot spiced wine, nutmeg, raisins, leek and black bread pudding. Sweet corn fritters. Lemon cakes.

Watch today's dishes being prepared here.

So I have proven my full geek status by being first in line today at the Game of Thrones food truck! I am actually sad that there is only 3 more days left. So, again my mom-in-law, Penny was a trooper and came with me so I could taste both dishes.

The squab was very good, not sure how they are doing it, but again cooked perfectly and not at all gamey. I did not like the black bread pudding that came with it though. I found it a little dry and bitter. Rating: 7 of 10 (took a egg away for the yucky bread pudding)

The corn fritters were very yummy. Crunchy and sweet. Rating: 8 of 10

And more Lemon Cakes!!!! I will definitely be trying the lemon cake recipe now that I know what a ramekin is. Why they don't just call them custard cups, I'll never know.

The Game of Thrones marketing team!

The marketing people were again incredibly nice. I heard a few whispers of "guest surprises" toward the end of the week...so that could be exciting.


Wall to the North: Black seafood stew with dragon peppers. Beet and pickled egg with preserved horseradish. Lemon cakes.

Watch today's dishes being prepared here.

Today the truck was on Melrose, parked right under a huge GoT billboard that was purely coincidental. I actually pointed it out to the marketing team, they didn't even notice it at first. Did not like the food today however. The dragon pepper was the best part of the seafood stew and the egg was awful. I'm sure lots of people liked it just not me. So here are the scores for today:

Black Seafood Stew - Rating: 3 out of 10 Dragon Eggs
Beet Pickled Egg - Rating: 1 out of 10 Dragon Eggs (The one just because it was pretty to look at.)


Even though the food wasn't good, had a great time with the fans and with the marketing team. It was worth the drive just for the atmosphere.

Really looking forward to tomorrow's dishes.


Markets of Pentos: Spice roasted duck with dates, buttered turnips, and cabbage. Lamb flatbread with chickpeas and purple olives. Lemon cakes.

Watch today's dishes being prepared here.

Today's food was the best yet! The duck was superb and the lamb was quite tasty as well.

Duck - Rating: 9 of 10 Dragon Eggs
Lamb - Rating: 7 of 10 Dragon Eggs


Thanks again to Chanel for covering this for us. If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out today's truck at Venice on Abbot Kinney near The Brig. 5pm PST is when it shows up (Chanel gets there hours early, though, only the first 300 people will get free food.) If you see her, say hi! Take some pictures, we'll put it in her Friday Food Truck recap tomorrow.

Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 17th. We'll be reviewing the series and starting a read-along of the books soon, check back.

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