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BREAKING NEWS: All singing, all dancing Bat


DC Comics revealed today that they will soon be transitioning all their titles to include the Batman family. Since Batman Confidential and Batman: Streets of Gotham concluded last month, DC only has Detective Comics, Batman, Superman / Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman, Inc., and Batman: The Brave and the Bold -- plus the Batfamily and Bat-related books like Batman Beyond, Super Friends, Justice League of America, The Outsiders, Gotham City Sirens, Red Robin, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Azrael, and the soon to be released Batwoman. That's only seventeen titles down from nineteen, clearly DC has realized there is a desperate need to include Batman in all their storylines.

"Batman is our top selling character," revealed DC Editor Jay Diddilo. "We really would like to take advantage of his popularity by pushing him out there, really getting him in to the mix of things."
"Batman: Green Lantern, Batman: Green Arrow, and Batman: Powergirl -- these will all be rolled out by the end of 2012." Currently, DC is launching "Flashpoint," which is the event crossover that -- for now -- centers on The Flash, whose series will conclude in May. "What we're really excited about," Diddilo continued," "is Batman: Superman / Batman, which really amps up the Batman."

While there's no news on how much of Batman could possibly appear in all the titles at once, it should be inferred that when Batman isn't around, Batman is definitely being talked about. Word is, they're even considering including Batman in "Fishpoint," the Aquaman-centered sequel to "Flashpoint."

"Oh gosh, I really love giant storylines that just go all everywhere at once," DC writer Jeff Johrns said recently. "What we're hoping to do with Batman is bring him back and then kill him off but then bring him back and kill him off at least seven or eight more times, and also magic. Have you tried Cröonchy Stars? It's delicious."

As soon as December, Batman will become a required element of all DC imprints, which at this point pretty much only includes Vertigo. Batman: Jack of Batman could be a reality, as Jack of Fables ended with issue #50. There is even talk of bringing back Madame Xanadu in order to make her a love interest for Batman.

"Guys like Batman and guys like magic chicks. Guys also like Green Lantern. Wait, write that down," Jay Diddilo said. "Also bring me some pizza rolls, I'm mad brainstorming here. Find a way to make him actually part bat so we can get him in Sweet Tooth."

*P.S., Happy April Fools Day (if you couldn't guess.)

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