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William Shatner is 80!


Today William Shatner turns 80. The man has had an extraordinarily varied career in showbiz, spanning science fiction, popular music (ah, "music" rather), Shakespeare, game shows, writing fiction, charity fundraising, and participating in that dearly missed chestnut, "Battle of the Network Stars."


He has cheerfully, enthusiastically, taken part in pretty much every possible aspect of celebrity, no matter how goofy or undignified, and is still working to this day. (Notice how gracefully I leave the sentence there and sidestep even mentioning the name of his current CBS sitcom. God bless him.)

He tweets, often in amusing exchanges with Leonard Nimoy, LeVar Burton and other celebrities, and just gets funnier all the time, the less seriously he takes himself. (In fact, one of his most recent tweets was regarding today being "Talk Like William Shatner Day" in honor of his birthday: "@Trekmovie is holding a contest to see who can talk like me. I wonder if I enter if I would win?")


His official movie debut was in the Canadian movie The Butler's Night Off in 1951. 1951! The man's been on film for 60 years. And what performances! For every Judgement at Nuremburg, there's a White Comanche; for every Boston Legal, an Incubus.

Happy 80th, Bill. My personal hope is that you live to be a healthy 100 years old, working on projects both awesome and goofy all along the way.

To celebrate, let's enjoy some choice photography with the great man as the subject.




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