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Update: This WAS the Droid I was looking for.

Awesome design via He Who Cannot Be Named

A few months ago, I bitched about my Droid2D2, which refused to hold a charge (or to charge at all) and was constantly, constantly, freezing up (the fix for which was the battery being removed and the device being completely restarted.) Since that post, I asked Verizon to replace my phone because it was still under warranty. The replacement phone works much, much better -- though, it does occasionally lock up, but that is usually in the mornings after it's been on the charger cradle all night. Since we all have trouble functioning at 100% after just waking up, I give my new Droid2D2 a pass on that one.

So, now that I have a Droid that won't crap out on me, I've been exploring my "app" options.

The first thing I learned I had to do was get rid of the "Social Media" tab that comes pre-installed on the Droid 2's platform. It runs a half-assed version of Twitter and Facebook that left me constantly frustrated. It was impossible to find my messages, retweets, groups, pages, etc. with those apps, so I went and found the actual full applications offered directly from both Twitter and Facebook. Problem solved.

Next, I explored what else I could get for free in the Android Marketplace. You see, I have a rule about apps. The rule is: I'm not going to pay for apps. I'm sorry, but I just spent $350 on a phone and now have to pay an extra $20 a month just to get it to work with my provider. There's no way in fuck I'm paying one dollar more for games and software to run on the phone. I'm not being cheap. I'm being practical.

What I wanted to find were applications that could help me run this website better. A few weeks ago I took the steps to officially license Geektress as my personal small business. So now I need things to help me take care of that business. The one app I use every day and cannot live without is something called "To-Do List" by Jon Blackwell.

I am obsessed with making lists. Sometimes I have lists for the lists. The old me had post-it notes and bits of paper crammed in to every pocket and desk surface space that was available. The new me has "To-Do List". It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's a simple program, just making a list and checking it. (Or deleting the checked items, if that's your thing. Sometimes I like to see what I've accomplished.) But it is saving me the trouble of constantly searching for which notebook I jotted that list in, and is reducing my consumption of post-it notes, so it makes up for a lot.

The second app I am currently loving is called "Hello Expense" by Alan L. It's an expense tracker program that has a keypad for entering a value, the ability to file your expenses by category, and a memo area to add any notes to each expense (like who you were meeting with at the time.) You can see more screen caps at his site, but here are some of mine:

125_0667.JPG     125_0669.JPG

As you can see, you can sort things by category, and then also tag them with various labels. This is cool, because even though I have the all-encompassing category of "Travel" expenses, sometimes travel might be for different reasons, and this gives me the capability to distinguish conventions from regular meetings, or anything in between. And you can even assign different colors to the tags to make it easier to recognize the difference:


The best is you can generate pie charts from the data you entered. I think you should know, my love of list-making is only challenged by my love of pie.

The last app I love, I haven't even been able to use yet! It's called Square, and it's an app and an attachment that reads credit cards. You sign up, download the application to your phone, and they mail you this little square with a plug that fits in your headphone jack.


Laura and I first saw this in action at Mid Ohio Con when Ben from Ninja Pirate Gear used it on his iphone to charge me for some back issues I got from him. You put in the amount of the sale, swipe the customer's credit card, and they sign using the touch screen. He even emailed me my receipt. Everything was paperless, which is awesome for the environment, and from what I can tell, their security measures are up to par.

I just can't wait to get to a convention and charge someone for something. So I hope at least one of you who are planning to buy Wonder Woman Race shirts from me at C2E2, or are going to Detroit Fanfare, pays with plastic.


As far as non-business apps go, I keep it real boring: Amazon Kindle, WinAmp, Tetris. The David Lee Roth Soundboard. You know, all the usual stuff. If you have an app you can't live without, lemme know in the comments, especially if it's free. I love free stuff almost as much as I love pie and lists.

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Comments (6)

I just learned about the Square credit card app too, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it after you've used it a while.

The apps I use almost everyday:
AlienBlue (reddit)

And if you use Google Analytics, they have an app that's great for checking web traffic on your site.


I anxiously await the Netflix for Android app. I'm going to abuse the shit out of it.

I'm checking in to the Google Analytics now! Even though I know it'll just tell me how unpopular we are.


I had a hard time looking for a simple To Do List app. I'll have to check this out! Though I would love for the Droid's Calendar app also sync with my Gmail Calendar's Task List, which I found more useful.

Hello Expense sounds great so I'll have to use that.

And Square is pretty neat! My friend started his own business making flask designs and used Square to ring me up.


I do not like my Droid's calender feature. It keeps reverting to daily calendar even though I want it to stay monthly. It's annoying. Plus it forces me to enter an email address every time I want to put a notation in like "today's payday!"


Oh that Square app looks awesome. I wonder if it would work with an itouch over wifi?


I'm not sure why it wouldn't, if you're able to install the app on your iTouch. Mine uses my Paypal account to do the charging. I think the card reader is mainly just to input the card info without having to type it all in by hand. But I can't say for sure, I haven't used it yet. It's free to try, though, even the card reader is free, so it's worth a shot.