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Twitter Tuesday: CHECK IT! COGS! GEARS!

(Photo by Dania, click to embiggen.)

Today is Tuesday, and we thought since we like alliteration, we'd talk about Twitter. I asked around the Geektress office to see who everyone's favorite sorta-geeky Tweeters were. One of the most popular Twitters is actually a work of creative fiction, Drunk Hulk. Sample tweet:


Drunk Hulk is the work of (SPOILER!) Christian A. Dumais, who teaches literature and pop culture to students in Poland.

But we each had our own picks for favorite Twitters:

Brenda: I gotta hand it to Matt Fraction and Nate Cosby, they routinely make me laugh out loud.

@mattfraction: why won't this fucking baby eat the rest of this fucking spicy chicken strip #kfchildcare
@NateCosBOOM: It's like my granddad always said: The squeaky wheel catches the worm. (granddad drank a lot)

Honorable mentions in the "comics" category go to Kate Beaton, which pretty much speaks for itself, and Tom Katers, who's actually in the "comics podcasts" category but fuck it, we didn't really pick categories.

In my other life, I tweet from my art (and jokes!) blog account, Brain Confetti, and through that Twitter (where I follow a whole different group of people, mostly comedians,) I found Ted Travelstead.

@TrumpetCake: If my fingers were pretzel sticks they be fucking filthy by now.

He is hilarious and also nice, the kind of guy who will respond to your tweets at him because his high horse is like, so fucking high right now, man, everyone is cool. He also introduced me to a buttload of other funny people, including most of the staff of Conan. (Note to self: "Staff of Conan" - possible Barbarian / Wizard crossover? Too Discworld? Yes? No?) Anyway, Ted's got a book for sale, if you'd rather pay for his humor other than get it for free via the interwebs.

Speaking of the crew from Conan, this past summer when their jobs were in limbo, a lot of the writers for Conan's show kept their monologue writing muscles sharp by taking to Twitter and starting hashtag joke wars. It was a heck of a lot of fun, and even though their tweeting slowed down when the TBS show launched, Josh Comers, Dan Cronin, Andres du Bouchet, Rob Kutner, Laurie Kilmartin, and Todd Levin are all worth following. (If you don't see your name here, Conan writers, it's because your co-workers apparently hate you and have never retweeted something of yours so that I could see it and follow you.)

Dania: I'd say Simon Pegg, absolutely. And Leonard Nimoy / Bill Shatner / LeVar Burton / Brent Spiner. They're all hilarious, but the last four in tandem are especially so, as they all speak to / riff off of each other.

@BrentSpiner: The Dr. who performed my colonoscopy said, "See you in ten years." Sheesh, can't believe I have to wait so long for another.
@levarburton: Were you awake during the procedure?
@BrentSpiner: No,actually they gave me some magic potion. And then The Who performed the procedure.

Laura: Paul Tobin, because he comes up with crazy ideas that are fun and often about godzilla.

@PaulTobin: Just reported a bunch of spammers, but also wrote down "Selina Pearlasy" as a good character name.

Dan Harmon, creator and executive producer of Community

@DanHarmon: When you cut corners on your training montage, you can accidentally imply that running through tires makes you a genius.

Also, I would recommend that people follow their favorite artists on twitter and tumblr if they can, because artists often post really great sketches there.

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No comment love? This was a fun one! I'm all ready for the next edition, too.


It posted really late due to my head being in the convention crazies clouds.